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    It wasn't a date. Truthfully. It was just two friends hanging out having brunch. But if Steve asked if it was a date, Tony would probably get all nervous and ramble on for a solid two minutes before saying it was a date. Not that he wanted it to be a date, he just wanted to be alone with Steve again. No Bucky, just him and Steve. Tony stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He looked in the mirror and tried to fix his hair a bit, ”He’s probably not even going to dress up. He'll be wearing a t-shirt and you're going to look overdressed.” He said to himself as he looked at the clothes he had picked out to wear. It was a black button up with small white polka dots, black dress pants, a white bowtie and plain black dress shoes. Sure, it was a little extra for just two friends hanging out, but Tony was always doing things to impress others. It was kind of just who he was. He blow-dried his hair, not knowing when Steve would be showing up and he didn't want to have wet hair when he was here. Tony changed into his outfit and then brushed his teeth. As he was spitting, he looked in the mirror, clearing his throat, ”Pathetic.” He said to himself, sighing as he grabbed his keys, phone, and wallet. Before leaving his house, he grabbed a pair of his sunglasses and then left. If he didn't want to, Tony didn't have to drive there himself, but he didn't want to seem as privileged as he actually was. He drove to the small cafe and went to a table with only two seats. Not knowing that there would be an extra person joining Steve and him. A waitress came up, smiling at him, ”What can I get you?” Tony wasn't even paying attention to her though. He had been staring at the door waiting for Steve. But then he looked up, clearing his throat, ”Oh, uhm, sorry. I’m just waiting for someone right now. I'll order when they get here.” He smiled at her and then looked away, pulling out his phone. Almost out of instinct, he looked at the lunar cycles, seeing when the next full moon was. Sadly, it was only two days away. He could already start to feel it, but it was also somewhat easy to hide sometimes. Tony then noticed Steve, and that's the only person he noticed before he saw who was behind him. He started for a couple seconds and then cleared his throat, looking away. He could almost feel how red his face was. He was all dressed up like it was some date, but then Steve brought Bucky. His eyes stayed glued to the only other seat at the table and then stood up when the two had made their way over. ”Steve.” He said happily before clearing his throat, ”Mucky.” Tony said and then turned to Steve before burrowing his brows, looking back at Bucky, ”Oh, wait, it's Bucky, isn't it? Whoops.” He clenched his jaw and then took a step out to go a bit closer to Steve, ”Could I talk to you...” His eyes went to Bucky and then back to the blonde, ”Alone?”

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    It hadn’t been a mistake. At least, not in his eyes. Changing Steve had been one of the most difficult decisions of his long life, but in a way, it had saved him, from all the sicknesses and ailments that plagued him as a child. Bucky knew a horrible curse came with it, something he had dealt with over a hundred years by now – an uncontrollable bloodlust, but they had both learned, Steve more than him, to subdue it. The war had been particularly painful, with the amount of spilt blood and dying men, but they compromised where they could. But Bucky’s way of life had not always been kind to him. There were periods of time when he would disappear, become a ghost of sorts, as if to protect the outside world from what he had once been, and to hide from those who had used him. It was only recently that he reemerged, and he realized old habits die hard. He had gone to the one man he knew he could trust, who he knew would be a recollection of all the things they had once had. And things got better. Bucky had gotten a piece of home back he never thought he would. But it was a modern day and age now, and most things were still a bit hard to adjust to. Like a glove that didn’t fit quite right yet, he had to grow into it. Saturday; a leisurely welcome to the end of the week. It was bright, sunny, and the streets of New York were as lively as ever. Steve had invited him to brunch with a friend, someone he had met before, and seen quite often. Usually sulking. Once Steve pulled into a parking space in front of their destination, Bucky began to pull himself from his thoughts. A crooked grin tugged at his lips, and he nodded. “As I’ll ever be.” He replied, and got out of the truck. Bucky wasn’t sure how nice this outing was supposed to be, but he cleaned up all right – a smooth leather jacket and a plain white dress shirt beneath, and blue jeans seemed to work. Grabbing the door to café, he smiled towards Steve, and beckoned him inside before trailing in behind him.

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