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    {i’m not exactly sure what i’d put in my next response, so you’re welcome to skip me and i’ll come in when it’s my turn again! or i can go, whatever works 😄}

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    When Steve rounded the corner with Bucky, he glanced over his shoulder at him, keeping the furrow on his brow as he did so before they were too far in the area. He felt like a little kid getting in trouble and being sent to the principal's office. Blue eyes watched Tony closely, his body language and the way his facial expressions were. Seemed like Tony wasn't too happy about letting Bucky tag along. "Well-" The taller male inhaled shortly, eyes fixed upon the other. "You didn't say that I couldn't.." He simply remarked. "What if we just..have all three of us today then we could just have a little something for the two of us?" Steve questioned, just wanting to make some kind of compromise. Now he just hoped that everyone could get along with each other. "Look, I'm sorry. I should have asked first but I didn't think it was a big deal." The blond said, shrugging his shoulders before rolling them back some.

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    Tony walked towards an area where they would be hidden from basically everyone. The bathrooms were just down the little hall they were in now. When Steve mentioned his face being red, he looked away. He didn't know if his face was red out of embarrassment for thinking it was a date, or because he was mad that Steve had brought Bucky along. There was no reason to be upset though. Though, he didn't think that. ”I just-” He crossed his arms and then looked down at what he was wearing and ran his hand through his hair, tugging at some of the knots. Tony chuckled, ”I just thought that it was going to be the two of us. You didn't ask for if you could bring that old man along.” Okay, that was a bit rude. But Bucky is a vampire, that makes him old. ”I don't mind.” He lied, scratching the back of his neck, ”I just wished you'd ask or tell me at least.” @captain__ @capsicle

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    Bucky let the door swing closed behind him, his eyes darting around the place. It was lively, but subtle, the low hum of conversation buzzing in his ears. He followed Steve, pausing behind him as he went to greet his friend– Tony. Bucky’s brows furrowed at the slip in his name coming from the billionaire’s lips, and a frown tugged at his own, but he figured, why waste his breath? He’d been called worse. Plus, he wasn’t ready to start anything between him and Tony when Steve was here, but he couldn’t help but feel displaced, like Tony’s original intentions were to get Steve all to himself. He felt his gut churn with jealousy, especially after Tony had tugged the other aside. Glancing back at the table, as if to distract himself from the heat rising underneath his skin, he looked for another spare chair he could snag. Upon finding one, he took it out from one of the empty tables, and positioned it in a place where he could comfortably sit, not in the walkway, and between the other two. Preferably closer to his best friend, rather than the man who already didn’t seem keen on his arrival.

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    {okay thank you! i promise i have time this evening, sorry again guys.}

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    //i understand :) @capsicle

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    {i’ll answer soon! this week’s been busy with testing.}

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    As soon as Steve stepped inside the restaurant, light blue eyes glued to where Tony sat. Casually, he strolled more inside, oblivious to the fact that Stark seemed upset or..something. That’s when he noticed only two seats available at the table. Honestly, he didn’t think much about it and figured he would pull up a chair for Bucky or he would get it himself. Gazing to Barnes from the corner of his eyes, he fave Tony a quick nod, wondering what he needed to talk about. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Your face is all red..” Steve simply said, arching his brow, focused on Tony now. He could sense that something was..off. He just couldn’t quite put it together.

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