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  1. Posted by thedudeabides ,

    Not to pry to much but when you say major marvel events you mean like the cancer verse or infinity ward and some such?

  2. Posted by thedudeabides ,


  3. Posted by neonkitsune64 ,

    I have a bit more info on the rp stuff, i'd prefer people know info on a few characters and most if not all the major marvel events.

  4. Posted by neonkitsune64 ,

    Also more details can we be worked on in dm

  5. Posted by neonkitsune64 ,

    Well the entire marvel universe

  6. Posted by silver_zer0 ,

    like Avengers or X men that

  7. Posted by silver_zer0 ,

    @darksideofambition I mean what is it based around

  8. Posted by gam30v3r_517074416 robin_dc_comics_gam30v3r,

    @silverzero_56 action packed?

  9. Posted by silver_zer0 ,


  10. Posted by silver_zer0 ,

    Depends on what kinf

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