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    Kono sleeps by the river in the sakura trees where a nice breeze sweep past his white hair, the scarf still covering half of his face, he sleeps quietly. For every breath, sounds like a small sigh. A blue flaming Kitsune spawned as it watched over his defenseless body.

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    @rina_vermilion "Ummm....yes?" He answered, looking down, his cheeks gaining a faint pink tinge in his embarrassment, thinking she didn't like it. He perked up when she complimented it, a wide smile curving his lips upwards as he held it out to her. "You can keep it if you like, I can always draw another for myself." He offered, figuring it would make her happy to keep the drawing.

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    @misteraj Unless I created my intro lol

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    @kono_kasuma awww okay.//

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    I'll just sleep and wait till tomorrow... Then just maybe I can think of something XD//

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    I don't know what to do//

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    “Is that me?” Marcella looks at him in surprise. She looks at the very well done drawing of herself. It was so detailed. She was shocked that he noticed most details, they were so small and non important. But yet they made the drawing look more realistic. “It’s beautiful” Marcella smiles softly. It almost looked like a photograph taken. She was stunned by his talent

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    @rina_vermilion "That does certainly seem to be the way you do things." He laughed, unbutton the top button of his shirt and loosening his own tie"I can show you right now if you'd like, pulling out a pencil and a piece of paper from the desk, leaning back and starting to draw, occasionally glancing up at her before back down at the drawing. Very quickly a detailed sketch of Marcella took shape, shaded in to provide great detail. Once finished he sighed and turned the paper round, waiting for her verdict. "What do you think?"

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    @misteraj Marcella smiles politely as she loosens her school uniform tie. “That’s why we try to keep it fun in here. Spending the majority of your school life in this room can be quite boring if you don’t try to spice things up.” Nicoletta chuckles softly as she sits on the desk across from him. She crosses her ankles as she looks at him. “You’re gonna have to show me some of your art work sometime. I’d love to see it”

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