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    hmm most yall probs left but imma ask anyways anyone want to help meh revive my friends chat?

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    . {\__/} (•w • ) I'd like to order this 📞< \ chat to come back Life 📞: sorry sir we don't serve that {\__/} (-w - ) Understandable 📞< \ have a great day {\__/} (-w - ) *click ☎️< \ {\___/} ( ^⍵^ )” oh well I’ll eat this cookie / >🍪<\ while I wait ...”

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    @misteraj "Thanks man," he said as he began to take a nap on the bench tired

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    @lordkamek "Yeah, yeah. Have fun with that." He sighed as he started jogging again, quickly reaching the dorms and taking a scalding hot shower, dressing in his usual attire.

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    @misteraj "You know it pal, it's what I do for a living," he said smiling

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    @lordkamek "Huh....? Okay then. So now I know who to thank for my second day being a living hell before its even started." He groaned quietly, his lips curved down into a slight frown as he stood up, brushing his hair from his face again and turning to head back to the dorms, wanting to shower before classes started

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    @misteraj "Most likely, I only use my powers for journalism, I'm part of the school newspaper." He said reclining on the bech

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    @lordkamek "Fair enough." He said with a shrug and another sigh, rolling his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. "I'll probabky hear them from someone else at some point anyway."

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    @misteraj "Might as well not spread rumors, also, I don't necessarily feel like it. And it might be false, I just gather information rather easily," he said chuckling.

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