387 Messages  |  5 PEOPLELet's make something. Semi-Adv. lits only.

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    Search them up!

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    @dante_evans yes yes me too

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    Tag me & I'll read the Aa

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    @dante_evans i'm in!!

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    Hey you all, I sense a good rp group that needs a comeback as of now. And it's a generic concept that we can make right again if we all join, so let me know if your interested in this fantasy rp I'm in!

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    @dante_evans alrightšŸ‘Œ

  9. Posted by Dante_evans ,

    Not exactly, I'm seeing if I can get more people in on it, but for now, this is all on standby. Give the test to those who are worthy, if you see someone who is.

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    So we are letting this chat die?? Thats sad buts its okie, it happens lol@dante_evans @liquor @japanesedenim @musical_author

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