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  1. Posted by nonniegurl_61 ,

    Yeah, but you also gotta know who wouldn't join a club even if they like what it is. There's a lot of loners in my school who'll just stay alone.

  2. Posted by izayaorihara ,

    @nonniegurl You never know til you start asking.

  3. Posted by nonniegurl_61 ,

    I don't even think there'd be enough people who would join the club.

  4. Posted by izayaorihara ,

    @nonniegurl It could even be two to three times a week if you really wanted.

  5. Posted by izayaorihara ,

    @nonniegurl All the clubs at my school were after school on any day of the week you pleased.

  6. Posted by nonniegurl_61 ,

    Clubs are hosted during school on Wednesday, well, most I believe, because I've never heard of one being after school.

  7. Posted by izayaorihara ,

    @nonniegurl Just use a classroom after school for the club.

  8. Posted by nonniegurl_61 ,

    It is popular in my middle school, back when I was in middle school, it even got announced during announcement, but I don't even hear about it in my high school. Plus, idk how many people would actually join an anime club, and if a lot of people join, I don't think there's a big enough space. Idk, my schools lame except when an events happening. 😕

  9. Posted by izayaorihara ,

    @nonniegurl I like chess and a bunch of other board games so that would be fun to join.

  10. Posted by nonniegurl_61 ,

    The only fun club my school does is chess club, and I think chess sounds boring. And too complicated to learn.

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