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  1. Posted by neopolitian ,

    @sexy_and_ready Neo tilts her head as if to say 'Yes?'

  2. Posted by sexy_and_ready ,

    @madame_iris_heart_and_neo Cass blushed and hugged her quick to hold her up "n-neo?"

  3. Posted by neopolitian ,

    @sexy_and_ready @genderfluidflower Neo pulls back from the hug and jump hugs Cass with a smile

  4. Posted by Son_goki ,

    Amiya walked in, she seemed a bit scared

  5. Posted by moonlight_neko_girl ,


  6. Posted by sexy_and_ready ,

    @madame_iris_heart_and_neo Cass blushed a bit as she watched them hug, then moved back looking down

  7. Posted by neopolitian ,

    @genderfluidflower Neo hugs back a tad confused

  8. Posted by straighttrapboy ,

    @madame_iris_heart_and_neo *hugs*

  9. Posted by neopolitian ,

    @genderfluidflower @sexy_and_ready Neo bows low with a smile

  10. Posted by straighttrapboy ,

    @madame_iris_heart_and_neo neo!

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