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  1. Posted by kazuma_esdeath_ ,


  2. Posted by kazuma_esdeath_ ,

    Well....you're a fagt sooo

  3. Posted by kazuma_esdeath_ ,


  4. Posted by wordsmith ,

    An unpleasant bunch.

  5. Posted by diabolus ,

    -Shrugged- I felt like it.

  6. Posted by syre ,

    I’m aware that I am, I didn’t need you to confirm.

  7. Posted by diabolus ,

    Not that being cordial really matters to myself.

  8. Posted by diabolus ,

    Ah. Alright then yeah Set you're still within whatever counts as "cordial" here.

  9. Posted by wordsmith ,


  10. Posted by Sigma ,

    Ah? It did that glitch again. It does that whenever I log on his account.

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