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    *smokes a cigarette*dafuq

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    Lavender || artistic || female

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    @dxni @elie_h Hayden nodded and hit the knob off of the door. He then kicked it open.

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    @dudewhohateslife @elie_h Dani fell back seething in pain from her shoulder getting rammed. “Open the door with the crowbar..!” She told Hayden frantically, standing up to continuously hit the door with her shoulder.

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    @dxni @dudewhohateslife "Please, hurry. Do something to get the door open. But don't come in, if you do you will get stuck in here too with me" he said informing them. He tried pulling the doors open as hard as he could

  6. Posted by dudewhohateslife ,

    @dxni @elie_h Hayden was behind Dani with a crowbar he had in the trunk of his car.

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    @elie_h @dudewhohateslife Dani stumbled a bit, but ran faster when she saw the haunted house. “Step away from the door Steven!” She yelled, and when she heard he would, she slammed her shoulder against the door with the momentum she created by the running.

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    @dxni @dudewhohateslife "I CANT, THE DOOR WONT OPEN. ITS LOCKED "he was kinda yelling but not tying to yell too loud so he was heard in the house. "Please get here as fast as you-......"a pause. Short bit sudden. " FUCK, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH" pounding on the door could be heard along with the sound of stomping of the stairs behind him

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    @dxni @elie_h Hayden drove faster and looked around the area. “FUCK!”

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    @dudewhohateslife @elie_h “Stay on the phone Steven, we’re coming!” She lowered the phone to tell Hayden “The haunted house.” then started running with the phone in her ear. “Get away from there Steven, just run as fast as you can.”

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