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    @michigan can i join??)

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    @morose || Logan nodded once more as the male before him, thanked him. Logan had soon adjusted his hair and looked around. Logan had soon looked back over at the male and nodded slowly as he began walking to the mathematics classroom. It had only been a few minutes before the bell was to ring anyways. Oof ||

  3. Posted by michigan ,

    I'll add that rule to the aa||

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    @michigan Sorry sorry, I guess i'll type shorter...//

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    @michigan alright. ||

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    Yes I hate typing because my mom always yells at me for being on my phone.||@luca__

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    @michigan would you like our replies to be shorter? ||

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    Oh ||

  9. Posted by michigan ,

    Oml! I should have put in the no more than one paragraph rule... ))

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    @luca__ Pyo flashed a soft smile, happy that he had gotten the greeting correct. "Oh good..." He commented on his thoughts out loud without realizing before a voice brought him back to reality. He held his stuff close to himself and glanced around. "Thank you, thank you..." He paused for a moment again as if trying to remember something. "Lo.. Logan..." He said slowly his accent making him fumble a bit. He wasn't really used to the combination of vowels, but he thought it sounded nice. "Shall we?" He asked gently still looking around a bit dumbfounded moving closer to the lockers to avoid the passing people.

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