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    Dm me it

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    @panda_boy picture won't bloody post

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    @flintofbavaria yeah

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    @flintofbavaria pic??

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    My bio Name: Shawn Raphael Age: 32 Birthday: Feb 17 Sexuality: Bisexual Languages: English Relationship status: single Species: Deamon Appearance Height: 6,0 Figure: Athletic, Slim Personality: Calm,Calculating and cold. Nicer sometimes. Likes: Teaching Reading Writing Music Dislikes Jerks Skills/Powers Teleportation Bursts of Fireballs Dark energy Blasts Can fly (wings) @panda_boy

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    @imjustaroleplayer k I can start//

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    Azunai Hana A:18 H:5'10 Ec:Dark Violet Hc:Light Blue Race: Mind Creature Grade: Junior Relationship: Single G: Female // Appearance \\ Wears a scarf a lot, usually sweatshirts or T-Shirts. Does not like dresses or girly things. Back pack on shouder. Backpack color: Black with brown zipper. Hair usally brushed and down or messy. Sometimes put up. B/T, curvy with many scars along he body. Average size eyes. Cute nose, "04" on her left wrist, "892" on right. // Backstory \\ Her father was all she had. She never had a mother. Her father was a scientist, who enabled her magic for her. Born in Hawaii too. Her childhood was very dark. Once her magic was enabled, she had to hide herself from all other children. She usually kept to herself. When she was 14, she was able to go to public schools. Then, her life has been crazy ever sense. Then, She made it to a school and was taken by 'shadow chains.' and was murdered by them, because they made her bleed to death. After that she became alive again, and was mentally unstable and taken to an asylum. // Personality \\ Lonely Sarcastic Funny Loyal Angered Easily Inlove with music Caring // Magic \\ Projection Magic Able to covert any image into anyones mind. And to convert emotions,feelings, and thoughts. Able to enter the persons mental state, or change it.

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    @オシッコ idfc

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    Because it wasn't already apparent that Kyoto, Japan was a real place

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