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    @ghoul_kid i wanna wait for some more before we start so bare with me please i will be advertising)

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    @ghoul_kid awesome welcome!)

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    Full Name: Norio Namikaze Pronunciation: No-rio Nami-kaze Nickname: Six Village: Hidden Leaf Rank: Chunin Pets: Rex (Cat) Relationship: N/A Occupation: Store owner Sexuality: Straight Gender: Male Age: 19 Height: 5'9" Weight: 54kg Personality: -Shy -Helpful Clan Traits: Lighting fast speed Back Ground: His parents died when he was 10. So he spent hus days training to be to hokage and be appreciated. Main Chakra Nature: Lightning Secondary Chakra Nature: Fire Kekkei Genkai: N/A Special Talents: Teleportation Seals Summon: Monda Weapon: Kusanasgi Ninjustu:16/20 Taijustu: 13/20 Genjustu:15/20 Bukijustu:10/20 Senjustu:16/20 Kenjutsu: 14/20 Strength:16/20 Speed:17/20 Stamina: 15/20 Intelligence:17/20 Jutsu: Lightning: -Chidori -Chidori Blade -Kirn -Spark Prison -Electric Murder Fire: -Fire ball -Dragon Flame Bombs -Phoenix Flower -Majestic Flame Bombs

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    @ghoul_kid post bio and pic when ready!)

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    The will of fire))

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    @antiquated welcome post bio and pic when readt)

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    @ghoul_kid read the AA)

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    The will of fire)

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    Can i join?))

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    @mbls aha its okay. Welcome post bio and pic when ready!)

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