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    @ein hey//

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    @russian_sniper_reznov hello)

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    @b_l_a_n_k hello?)

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    @b_l_a_n_k continue)

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    @ein He sighed and looked at you "I do but if I wanted to be in a human form I'd be in human form but I don't want to don't you have a cute form where you become cute and not being a lil shit" As he was going to keep talking he was interrupted by a flower as it wispered something in his cat ears, his cat ears soon perked up and smiled "are you sure it's her?!" The flower nodded along with a shrug "I'll go check it out!" He said happily as he then looked at you "This better be a joke about you being Alice's sister I mean come on she's more cuter and nicer" He said as he looked away from you and started walking away

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    @b_l_a_n_k she glares at you "why are you a cat don't you have a human form or sum thing"

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    I glared at you "does it look like I give a shit"

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    "Ehh I've seen worst" He said as he looked at her "and you shouldn't lift your dress up especially to me since im on the ground" He said as he looked up at you and laughed

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    I lift up my dress on my right knee I pulled out a knife looking at you "don't mess with me especially when I'm in a pissed-off mood"

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