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  1. Posted by usimekmk1 ,

    @suko_daiban_suoh鬘場巳 Wat... I'm waiting for something to happen? //

  2. Posted by Z3kk3ra ,

    @adorably_dangerous @spicy_templar ....

  3. Posted by adorably_dangerous ,

    @spicy_templar @suko_daiban_suoh鬘場巳 For one Max agreed with her father and just rolled her eyes. She's sassy at times. Well. Always

  4. Posted by usimekmk1 ,

    @suko_daiban_suoh鬘場巳 @adorably_dangerous <He would pout just laying there in his Throne> "Ugh your Boring..."

  5. Posted by Z3kk3ra ,

    @spicy_templar @adorably_dangerous it does not respond. It just watches you shuffling out of your way. Leaving smoke everywhere it moves from

  6. Posted by usimekmk1 ,

    @adorably_dangerous @suko_daiban_suoh鬘場巳 "This is why Moro's should keep his mistakes in a Cage" <He would turn to the thing walking ever so closely to him and his daughter> "I Have errands I don't want to have to deal with your shit now explain yourself..."

  7. Posted by Z3kk3ra ,

    @adorably_dangerous @spicy_templar the dark shadow slowly sunk towards you. Staring with malice but warmth in its eyes as it approached. Ignoring your insults and threats like they were bluffing

  8. Posted by adorably_dangerous ,

    @spicy_templar @suko_daiban_suoh鬘場巳 "That's because of you" she mumbled. She was to scary to be anything but the god of fear. To a normal person just walking into a room would cause a human to flip of terror. Then she felt something and began to look around "come out now" Max demanded

  9. Posted by usimekmk1 ,

    @adorably_dangerous @suko_daiban_suoh鬘場巳 "Then why don't you become the God of lightning or something?" <Ronin would look at it, Not phased by its attempt to enduce fear into him, he is the God of Fear, Pestilence And Famine after all> "Whoever is there come out before I Have you incinerated..."

  10. Posted by Z3kk3ra ,

    @spicy_templar @adorably_dangerous suddenly you felt the presence of death as a lurking shadow enters the room. Eyeing you from the corner as it's red eyes glow with wanton power

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