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    @moros_leonhardt "Anyways... How is your family? I Heard you haven't seen them in awhile?"

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    @spicy_templar “ I don’t know ...or I do but you should go find your blood by yourself ....after all she is yours” he said , waving his younger brother away .

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    I responded I thought))

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    @crystal_stone @moros_leonhardt @shortlegs @adorably_dangerous @suko_daiban_suoh鬘場巳

  5. Posted by crystal_stone ,

    @spicy_templar (?)

  6. Posted by usimekmk1 ,

    Yeeet //

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    @moros_leonhardt "HA AS IF! I was born along side you along with our other Siblings, You created the other Lesser God's that dwell earth... But I am confused still on my daughters whereabouts" -He slapped his hands together-

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    @shortlegs” hello my son”

  9. Posted by moros_leonhardt ,

    @spicy_templar “ really fear ....who would take your daughter “ he said “ and don’t forget you are one of my filthy creations “

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