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  1. Posted by cheflee ,

    he's out there looking 4 u

  2. Posted by obliviator ,

    Fog be assumin

  3. Posted by cheflee ,

    You do you just don't remember

  4. Posted by obliviator ,

    I dont🌚

  5. Posted by Boi_kid_boyo_man_boi ,


  6. Posted by destinesia ,

    Chill. I don't even get to talk to my boyfriend that much. :')

  7. Posted by cheflee ,

    Everyone has a gf

  8. Posted by obliviator ,

    Eh dw dood. She wuvs ya. She'll be back for the snek

  9. Posted by hypnosis ,

    I'm shook.

  10. Posted by hypnosis ,

    Ben actually has a gf?

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