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  1. Posted by Orisa_ ,

    Eeeeeven if almost every match contained a leaver for me

  2. Posted by Orisa_ ,

    I'm sticking to Destiny 2 Comp

  3. Posted by Orisa_ ,

    Fuck European Servers then

  4. Posted by mccreamyツ ,

    So mostly English speakers

  5. Posted by mccreamyツ ,

    I'm glad I play on NA servers, since there is very little diversity in the language

  6. Posted by erbarmen ,

    My only problem with Comp is having to solo que and awkwardly listen to some french dude whispering to himself

  7. Posted by Orisa_ ,

    I dont wanna drop to Bronze to See my friends harass me with it,so im just gonna stop

  8. Posted by mccreamyツ ,


  9. Posted by Orisa_ ,

    And literally everytime i asked if someone could heal,defend or Tank,They tell me to switch everytime I die

  10. Posted by mccreamyツ ,

    @zenyatta_ jeez

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