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  1. Posted by solomon G,

    @hughhackerman hey there

  2. Posted by samipavlick ,

    yo pls tell me people still talk in this i have no friends who like comics

  3. Posted by inkk_kidd23 ,

    Are you looking for an active Marvel and DC rp group? Message on kik 'inkk_kidd23 for more information. We have an updated taken list so you can choose a character.

  4. Posted by 0zv22we ,

    @solomon lol

  5. Posted by solomon G,

    @fashion a lot of Peter parkers died

  6. Posted by 0zv22we ,

    Did you guys know that Peter Parker died

  7. Posted by solomon G,

    @katatkins which ones?

  8. Posted by katatkins ,

    @solomon i am but only certain ones

  9. Posted by solomon G,

    Anyone into comic books?

  10. Posted by 0zv22we ,


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