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  1. Posted by Ian_ M,

    @yaoyorozu ya?

  2. Posted by yaoyorozu kosaki_gam30v3r,


  3. Posted by hentai ,


  4. Posted by cxnt_gam30v3r cxnt_gam30v3r,

    well shit

  5. Posted by xodiac .,

    My question remains. Why?

  6. Posted by Ian_ M,


  7. Posted by batman ®,

    @xodiac My point remains of not really deleting anything

  8. Posted by xodiac .,

    Only one question. Why? @hades

  9. Posted by batman ®,

    @xodiac my bad 32.5k and I’ve got 2.5k videos. I was off by 1k

  10. Posted by batman ®,

    Oh yeah there was the shit with my phone wiping. But I managed to get a backup when I paid for cloud access again

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