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  1. Posted by TotallyNotBritish ,

    best anime is prison school

  2. Posted by gotrick105 ,

    Its the best anime

  3. Posted by Thashit ,

    Jesus fuck

  4. Posted by gotrick105 ,

    It should be...the anime "dank doodle memes"

  5. Posted by shellrito_22 shelleyk_gam30v3r,

    Well it’s a two part series. The second part has a good ending in my opinion.

  6. Posted by revan ,

    Although I heard that all the magi series never end well or end at all

  7. Posted by shellrito_22 shelleyk_gam30v3r,

    @revan the other ones are great too.

  8. Posted by revan ,

    And I have seen one of the magi series I think it was sin bad

  9. Posted by revan ,

    Ok well il have a look and kenichi history strongest it is decent one of my favorites

  10. Posted by Sawyer H,

    Clearly, you need to watch Corey in the House

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