46 Messages  |  6 PEOPLEI'm on my 300th anime and I need a suggestion on what it should be

  1. Posted by Revan ,

    It seem you would

  2. Posted by Thashit ,

    @revan Simpsons is the best anime

  3. Posted by Revan ,

    But then again I wouldn’t call the simpsons anime or Johnny bravo anime would you ?

  4. Posted by Revan ,

    Well it animated if that what you mean but it not from Japan or has any theme common in Japanese anime

  5. Posted by Thashit ,

    @revan Rick and Morty is an anime dude

  6. Posted by Revan ,

    Rick and morty Isn’t anime but seen it good

  7. Posted by surviv3 ,

    Nigga id say you watch that anime C o m m e n t A w a r d s V 2 4

  8. Posted by Thashit ,

    Best anime has to be rick and morty

  9. Posted by totallynotbritish ,

    best anime is prison school

  10. Posted by gotrick105 ,

    Its the best anime

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