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    Peter nodded, a fondness already beginning to bubble up in his chest for the other boy. He tended to be nicer and feel more able to interact with people who supported or where in the lgbt+ community. He’d met a few, but usually people kept that kind of thing to themselves, excluding peter.” Exactly, I mean seeing the norm gets boring after a while, right? Plus, it gives people a more diverse cast and that gets a more diverse audience.” Peter stated, his hands moving into his jacket pockets. “Maybe then people would be open about themselves and we wouldn’t have dicks running around making everyone feel bad about themselves.” Peter added, he wanted to get a jab in at the religious group *cough* Christians *cough*, but last time he did that the other person, who happened to be Christian, got all defensive. Which in turn turned the conversation awkward and boring and he didn’t wanna risk being bored again. See, sometimes he could have a filter. @mellifluous

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    Denver perked up at Peter’s comment about sexualities. For the most part, straight, cisgendered people didn’t care all that much about LGBT+ representation, so if this kid was bringing it up then that meant.... then that meant Denver had more in common with this boy than he initially realized. Warmth bubbled up in his chest and he beamed, nodding his head. “Absolutely! And genders outside the binary, too!” While not many people knew about Denver’s unique ‘situation’, that wasn’t because Denver was ashamed of it. He just didn’t see the point in bringing it up to anyone if it meant he might be judged or picked on for it (which was most of the time). Clearly, though, that wasn’t the case with Peter. @pessimistic

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    Peter nodded, he wasn’t all that into DC comics, he was more of a Marvel fan. He was familiar with DC characters, but mostly just surface level stuff. Though, he agreed with Denver on DC, that’s actually the reason he’s not into the DC universe.” Yeah, I’m a firm believer in flawed hero’s. Well, I guess more along the lines of what society says is flawed, really.” He replied.” I think it’d be great to see more hero’s with disabilities, like daredevil, or with different sexualities. I mean, straight isn’t the only sexuality, you know?” Peter added. He might’ve just outed himself to this practical stranger, but he couldn’t make himself care. Peter was of the firm belief that if someone had a problem with him, then it was too bad and he’d just move on, he had more things to worry about then someone’s opinion of him. Which was probably the reason he didn’t have many close friends, he was apparently to blunt at times.

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    “Exactly!” Denver gushed. “I really hope that Stan Lee makes more characters like him. It’d be a nice change of pace from the rich, successful, all-mighty hyper-masculine heroes we always see in comics. Like D.C. heroes.” Quickly, Denver added, “Not that I have anything against D.C.! It’s just, most of their heroes are good-looking muscle-men with no financial troubles who everyone in-universe loves. It’s getting old! And, I’d just like to see a heroes that are more like me, for once.” On a deeper level, Denver knew that he would never see a character who was exactly like him featured as a main character in his comic books. An intersex super hero? Not going to happen. But, still, Denver could dream. And he could project heavily onto Spider Man, that worked too. @pessimistic

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    Peter listened intently as the other spoke, genuinely interested in someone’s rambling for once. He nodded, a bit too enthusiastically in his opinion, at certain intervals in Denver’s rant. When he finished, peter waved his hand, an amused smile on his face.” No, it’s totally fine, I agree with a lot of that.” He assured the other. “The best part about Spider-Man to me is his financial situation, I like that he’s not some rich dude, you know? I like that he struggles with real life everyday problems as well as hero ones, it’s refreshing when that’s not in a lot of popular hero comics.” Peter stated, almost going on a tangent himself, though he wouldn’t really be bothered if he had. @mellifluous

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    Somehow, Denver’s grin got even wider. He nodded enthusiastically, bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet. “Absolutely!! Spider Man’s one of my favorite heroes. He’s so cool!! I mean, I didn’t think that a hero based on a bug would be super compelling, initially, but man I was totally wrong. He’s just— I mean, he’s the most relatable Marvel character, y’know?” As Denver speaks, he gestures excitedly with his hands. Clearly he has a lot of feelings about this comic. “He’s not a genius billionaire, or an invincible alien, or a dark and brooding mutant with uncontrollable powers. He’s just a kid who gets picked on at school. And, it’s sort of nice to see a superhero who could be like me, y’know? And he works hard to get where he is! He makes his own suit, and his webs, and he trains really hard and it pays off and even if the press hates him he just keeps going and—“ Denver clapped his hands over his mouth, his cheeks glowing pink. “I’m sorry! I’m rambling again!” @pessimistic

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    Peter smiled at the mention of Spider-Man, one of his favorite comic book characters. He was pretty sure a major reason he liked the hero was due to their shared names, it made him feel as though he was similar to the hero. Though, the only thing they had in common was their names and the fact that they were both nerds, tragically. He was glad that they shared an interest, that way they’d have an easy conversation topic. “Yeah, I’m pretty big on marvel, especially Spider-Man.” He replied, a smile forming on his face and a hand going to rub the back of his head.” If it’s nerdy or uncool in anyway, I’m probably a fan of it.” He remarked.” I’m assuming that your a fan too?” He added. @mellifluous

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    “Denver Lorne, at your service!” Denver held out his hand for Peter to shake. The name sounded vaguely familiar, although Denver was pretty sure he didn’t know any other Peters. Where would he know that name from, then? Maybe Denver knew him from school; they could have shared a class but never formally met. Well, wherever Denver had heard this kid’s name before, it didn’t really matter now. What mattered was that, in just a few hours, they’d both be living together in the same small cabin. “Peter, though— that’s a cool name! Like Peter Parker!” Oh, would the boy even get that reference? Almost everyone Denver knew read Marvel Comics, and Spiderman had become a pretty popular character since his debut in the sixties, but, just to be safe, Denver wanted to check. He didn’t want to alienate the new guy! “Do you read Marvel Comics?” Denver looked at Peter expectantly, wide, green eyes glimmering with excitement. @pessimistic

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    Peter was snapped out of his imagination by words he assumed where directed at him. He had been thinking over different plots and monsters for the his next session of D&D, since he was designated as the dungeon master, his personal favorite. He focused on the guy’s face, the one who had spoken, Peter’s expression softening now that he wasn’t lost in thought. He’d been told various times that he had a resting scowling face. Peter sort of recognized the taller guy, though he wasn’t sure what his name was, he was sure it started with a d though. David maybe? Probably not, it didn’t fit. “Oh, I’m peter.” He said dumbly, he hadn’t really expected to be talked to. Though, he couldn’t say he minded in this instance since the taller boy didn’t give peter an annoying vibe and wasn’t too bad on the eyes either. Things peter tended to appreciate in an acquaintanceship or friendship.” I can’t say I know your name either?” He added sheepishly. @mellifluous

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    lmao i killed it ))

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