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  1. Posted by xman ,

    @eyeless_artist i know, i know

  2. Posted by gam30v3r_930338720 eyelessartist_gam30v3r,

    @Xman well I would probably leave clues but it couldn't be totally obvious, gotta keep people guessing owo

  3. Posted by xman ,

    @zeta sounds pretty good @eyeless_artist I'd probably try to figure out who it is before it ends XD

  4. Posted by gam30v3r_930338720 eyelessartist_gam30v3r,

    Mine would probably be a harem manga were one of the love interest is a yandere who starts killing off the other love interest but you don't know which one is the yandere til the end

  5. Posted by zeta ,

    Probably one of my D&D campaigns. A lighthearted fantasy/adventure anime with lots of exploration and the occasional action scene.

  6. Posted by xman ,

    Im here to see other people's ideas, also add in my idea later

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