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  1. Posted by gam30v3r_903691648 littlecheese_gam30v3r,


  2. Posted by cyber_remy ,

    Sup @dee_

  3. Posted by DeeS ,

    @scifigeek1991 shore lol pm me

  4. Posted by scifigeek1991 ,

    @dee_ you wanna chat or RP?

  5. Posted by DeeS ,

    Prolly just trolls then 🤷🏻‍♀️ hey @remy_of_asgard

  6. Posted by cyber_remy ,


  7. Posted by scifigeek1991 ,

    Not one I've heard. I hope it's not

  8. Posted by DeeS ,

    Lol yes. I thought the app was shutting down. Or is that just a rumor

  9. Posted by scifigeek1991 ,

    Maybe they should add it as a future update

  10. Posted by scifigeek1991 ,

    Lol i think we've all been there before 😂

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