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  1. Posted by lucifer_fallenangel ,

    Sometimes I feel like I do

  2. Posted by lucifer_fallenangel ,

    I need weed

  3. Posted by Xxdarkangelxx ,

    Haha true

  4. Posted by chickennipples4 bob_shipoopi_gam30v3r,

    We need a train full pf potatoes

  5. Posted by Xxdarkangelxx ,

    I like trains

  6. Posted by chickennipples4 bob_shipoopi_gam30v3r,

    I like potatoes

  7. Posted by Xxdarkangelxx ,


  8. Posted by ellie_111 ,


  9. Posted by kobar_gnoll_prince ,

    Hay I’m dakota I’m looking for a princess a girlfriend I can spoil That doesn’t mean I’m a perv that just wants sex no sorry that’s not a relationship that’s a toy there’s a store for that I’d really just want a girl that like to talk about her day and I’ll listen trust me someone that won’t take my crap and let’s me know when I’m being a dick cuss guys aren’t perfect by no means I’m very loving just read my bio and see Ttys

  10. Posted by akuma_satsui ,

    Is anyone on?

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