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    She gets to the classroom and opens the door, walking towards a seat "This will do" she says to herself

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    Ridley heads to the dance studios and thinks about what other moves to do in the song. As he arrives, he sits on the floor to stretch his body.

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    @loco_samurai "Bye!" She waves and smiles "And you were" she continues to walk towards the chemistry classroom

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    Ridley checked the time again "I guess I'll see you later." He nodded and raised his hand, which was his way of saying bye "I hope I was of use as your first friend here."

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    @loco_samurai "Oh okay! And.. I know the feeling, but Its just not my thing" she smiles slightly and shakes her head

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    "Urban dance, hip hop I guess" he looks down at the girl before then focusing on where he was going "it gets difficult to choreograph, eventually you're stuck doing the same moves."

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    @loco_samurai "Thats cool, what kind?" she smiles slightly and starts walking, looking forward

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    "I'm meant to have vocal lessons... but, I'm headed to the dance studio. Ah right, I haven't told you I do dance." He looked down the hall and held his bag under his arm (@phosphenes)

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    @loco_samurai "Its nothing" she shakes her head "Where are you headed to?" she asks and opens the door, looking at him

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    He looks at her and lifts an eyebrow "what is it?" He asks as a the sides of his lips tilted upwards slightly. He begun putting on his hat and mask as he followed her out (@phosphenes)

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