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    What do helpers do?

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    @anya_kobayashi what's up?))

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    @anya_kobayashi (Gotta exit the group go to your groups tab and then hit the 3 dots.)

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    ...don't know how to leave the group shit))

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    Sorry guys I think I might not do this. Due to the time differences I missed too much last night))

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    @devils_guard He smirks and warps an arm around her “I’ll protect you...” he said as he then enters the room and lets her go as he looks under the bed “Mhmm... Aid me in looking around.”

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    She nodded and followed him “I just hope we don’t run into him” she moved closer to him “I wouldn’t want to be a burden if he tried anything” @sirwatson

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    @devils_guard He takes hold of her shoulder and started to walk “Lets go check his room, If we can find it then we can place that on him and we can use that against him. As well as it may aid us in finding the killer.”

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    No it’s not it’s somewhere else @sirwatson )

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