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  1. Posted by Songbird_ ,

    Alright. Thanks! I’ll definitely take this into consideration. I know I definitely have to work on perseverance. I’ll also keep in mind the feedback and make sure I’m not tiring myself out focusing on just one thing

  2. Posted by lord_tiger ,

    For example that. Or try to write something else. In case you are completely blocking, just leave it for a bit. Write when you can think of something. Always have something to write on ready. Inspiration will come at the strangest moments

  3. Posted by Songbird_ ,

    What about for inspiration? Like if I’m in a “writers block,” how should I try to get out of that slump? Still talk to other people and find suggestions from them?

  4. Posted by lord_tiger ,

    Find other people that are writing, communicatir with them. Talk about your styles, make small challenges to compare your writing. Criticize and be criticized. Definitely show your writing to others. You need feedback. Feedback should be from People that read much, don't read much and that write themselves.

  5. Posted by lord_tiger ,

    My advice for the start would be to just start writing what's on your mind. If you really want to publish anything later, then you have to start wondering about some techniques. Find a red thread to follow, your basic story, world, character. Then build it around that.

  6. Posted by Songbird_ ,

    Hi! It’s summer for me so I decided I could fill some time with writing stuff. I’ve always had a goal since I was a kid to write a novel or a series of books. But, I’ve never had the time, inspiration, or know-how to start and stick with it. If anyone can share me some nuggets of wisdom, that would be great! Feel free to chat randomly here too

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