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  1. Posted by ryan_219 ,

    I'll rp

  2. Posted by tenzo51 ,

    @punani hey yes what did you have in mind?

  3. Posted by kuini ,

    [ anyone still interested in possibly role playing with each other? semi. lit - adv. lit please ]

  4. Posted by Blake2117 bigmike2117_gam30v3r,

    Hey you guys looking to do a arrow-style rp? Each is they’re own hero/ villain just nothing too op. Haha

  5. Posted by ransys ,

    But this is abandoned, sadly. Was looking for a role play base on DC. Peace

  6. Posted by ransys ,

    Young justice is good.

  7. Posted by the_nightwing ,

    Sure, dm me @tenzo51

  8. Posted by tenzo51 ,

    @batgirl want to do a young justice rp?

  9. Posted by the_nightwing ,

    @tenzo51 yes

  10. Posted by tenzo51 ,

    Hey batgirl, you still looking for a partner?

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