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  1. Posted by nerdninja2000 ,

    I'll be a trainer if that's cool. Anyone who wants it DM me to RP))

  2. Posted by TemmieLogic ,

    Can I be a Trainer?))

  3. Posted by monkey ,


  4. Posted by komichi ,

    I'ma trainer i wonder what pokemon I'll get

  5. Posted by Reaper3895 ,

    I'll be a trainer

  6. Posted by noelsca ,

    I might be interested what kind of starters can I pick

  7. Posted by babygirl143 ,


  8. Posted by babygirl143 ,

    I'll be a trainer

  9. Posted by babygirl143 ,


  10. Posted by The_Queen_of_Games ,

    @shea1411 I'll do one with you, if you're still up for it... :3

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