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  1. Posted by shadowthewolf ,

    Hi still looking for trainers? I am interested and I would love to join. I am looking for a female Umbreon as a partner

  2. Posted by greythelucario64 ,

    Hey u still looking for trainers?

  3. Posted by pestilicity ,

    If this is still going on then I'd be down

  4. Posted by kaiserbeast ,

    I'm interested

  5. Posted by shadowghost38_78 ,

    @scarlet__ what's it called

  6. Posted by Preccc ,

    @chath hey my pokemon chat is active

  7. Posted by shadowghost38_78 ,

    This place is dead

  8. Posted by chath ,

    This place active?

  9. Posted by littleneko02 ,

    h5.pm.instantfuns.com/playgame do not use this game this game is full of robots the game muted me from every chats the game wouldn't let me log in the support won't help they game no update rewards it is only a pay to win game nobody in chat helps they just roleplay they are like mindless robots most ignore you none never help the game is just pay to win the devs are chinese like most of the pay to win game makers they just want money or they won't help the game has some hackers and the game doesn't allow it the game sucks the players just roleplay and show off useless items and don't help others they only care about themselves please spread the word get this game taken down or prevent new players it just causes problems

  10. Posted by sexualtoy ,

    Um hi I’ll rp?

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