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    Ok sounds good

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    @shakeandjake @thatsprettyraddude both good. Ill tag you in the group

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    That good m

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    Bio Basics- Name: Cody Lowry Nickname:n/a Age:17 Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Appearance- Hair: Long dark brown Skin color: White Height: 5'11 Weight: 185 Build: Tall, skinny, kinda muscular Other categories- Likes- Ducks, memes, basketball, skateboarding, shoes, and video games. Dislikes: Snobs, and seafood Relationship status: Taken

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    Anyone wanna join my new RP? Marvel and DC Clash?))

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    Jake Fitzgerald Age: 17 Relationship Status: Single... for now Appearance Jake is a handsome young man; he has a well-built form and possesses medium toned brown hair, and eyes to match. His clothing style is relaxed; usually seen wearing tank tops and jeans. Normally he is seen wearing light colors but sometimes he wears darker colors. Bio Jake is an outgoing carefree person who's a little to obsessed with himself. He has pretty wealthy parents but he doesn't like to brag about his money. He's handsome and athletic. He has a wicked sense of humor which can turn crass sometimes; he likes to play pranks, especially when he’s at a party and drinking too much. His ADHD does affect on his behavior. Especially if unmanaged, his disorder can make him violent, unfocused, or hypersentive. Although, Jake does try managing his ADHD to the best of his ability; he joined the football team so that he could have a way to release his aggression. He's hoping for a scholarship to Duke.

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    Ohhh lolz ok

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    A bio of your character. Like this: Bio Basics- Name: Derek Johnson Nickname: DJ Age: 18 (as of today) Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Appearance- Hair: Curly black with blonde tips Skin color: mixed (black and white Height: 6'0 Weight: 220 lbs Build: tall and muscular, good looking guy. Other categories Likes: Reading, playing football/basketball, playing video games Dislikes: vegetables and assholes Traits: Not your typical jerky jock who bullies. I an the one who stops bullying and I am a sensitive giant. But I still get angry and have anger problems. I try to stay positive. In the case that I have to fight, I am trained in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, karate, boxing, and wrestling.

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    Wym by bio my bio is filled

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