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    I’ll dm it to you

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    Thats fine. Put a good description of yoyr character

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    I don’t have a pic, sorry

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    Yes bio and pic

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    Cool. May I join?

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    Rules!!!!!! 💖Bio and pic (no anime) 💖Keep fighting fair (fist fights) 💖Use "" when talking, dont want to see any-/* when you are doing am action 💖Dirty to DM 💖Dont ask to be an Admin 💖Dont cause unnecessary Drama, no body got time for that 💖Cussing to a minimal 💖Have Fun Bios: Me: 🐾General🐾 Human Name: Sapphire Anderson Age: 18 Nicknames: Non Gender: Female S/O: Straight 🐾Appearance🐾 Human *Long wavy brown hair *Green Eyes *Lightly tan *Has tattoos covering from her neck dowmmher arms and torso, and around her back *She has no piercings *She has a small build *She is also short coming only at 5'0 *She has scars down her torso sides and across her face 🐾Personality🐾 *Shy *Fun-Loving *Protective *athletic *Trustworthy *Honest *Intelligent 🐾Hobbies🐾 *Sketching *Singing *Dancing *Running @mama_cookie: 🌟Name🌟 ~Darius Carax~ 🔹Age🔹 ~18~ 🌹Nickname(s)🌹 ~Dari~ ❤S.O❤ ~Straight~ 🎂Birthday🎂 ~January 15th~ 🔱Height and Weight🔱 ~5'8" and 140 punds~ 🎵Race🎵 ~Human~ 🎨Eye and Hair color🎨 ~Light gray and light blonde~ 🇬🇧Ethnicity🇺🇸 ~White~ 👩Parents👨 ~Luciana and Farkin Carax~ 👧Siblings👦 ~Younger brother: Zadrid Carax ❄Personality❄ ~Darius is the sweetest guy you will even meet. He always holds doors for woman and is always complementing them on their clothing or hair. Some say he is a bit of a womanizer but really he just believes that Woman should be treated with as much respect as men get. He is also very friendly and kind towards others and is always willing to help and give advice too whom ever might need it. He also is very smart and always loves school. He cares a lot of his family and is always trying help them out.~ 📔History📔 ~Darius has always bee a hard worker. His little brother was born with and rare medical condition and he is always trying to help him out. Darius is always willing to help his family and he is very close to his brother. Darius hopes to study and get into a good college so that he can get his dream job of being a criminal investigator. That way hw can make good money for his family and to take care of his brother and he can help people too.~ 👍Likes👍 ~Crime cases~ ~His family~ ~His brother~ ~School~ 👎Dislikes👎 ~People who try to pick on his brother~ ~People who think they are better than everyone~ ~Food that is Deep fried~ 📝Common things he says📝 ~"Hello Ma'am." ~"You have a beautiful smile." ~"You are lovely the way you are, dear." @real_hero_of_time: ~General~ Name: Zayn Robb Age: 19 Height: 5’4 Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Blood Type: O Parents (Include if they are alive or dead): They’re dead Species: Human Role: The Bad girl Relationship: Single ~Appearance~ •Pale Skin, blonde almost white hair •nose piercing, small gages in ears •She’s always wearing black a black leather jacket and combat boots with ripped jeans and t shirts. •A yin yang tattoo on her wrist. The Hylian crest on her right should blade, to cover scars she had acquired in the foster care system. ~Backstory~ Her parents overdosed when she was young. She lived in and out of foster care homes. She is living in an apartment in the bad part of town, and working as a waitress to try and make ends meet. @jessicaleighcd: Name: Brandon Ray Collins Nicknames: Natasha Skye Collins (name she gave herself), Tasha or Nat to close friends and Mother everyone else still says Brandon. Age:16 Sexuality:confused but bisexual Gender:Male but would rather be one of the girls Birthday: 29/06 Height:5'8 We

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    What kind of High School rp is it?

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    I can

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    Hey I’ll join

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