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  1. Posted by ray_firewood ,

    @deannawinchester666_63 Hi!

  2. Posted by deannawinchester666_63 ,

    Anyone interested in doing a SupervillianXSuperheroije Hypnosis Rp?

  3. Posted by thefantasygiver ,

    @Ray_firewood The key aspect of hypnosis is "uncriticality"; uncritical focus, uncritical response. A trance is just a state of generalized uncritical focus and response. But it is entirely possible to generate uncritical focus and response that is localized to one thing (like your hand sticking to a table), while you remain fully awake, aware, and critical with regards to everything else.

  4. Posted by thefantasygiver ,

    @Ray_firewood Producing hypnotic phenomena does not require a trance. You can look up "hypnosis without trance" for some youtube examples of this.

  5. Posted by thefantasygiver ,

    @Ray_firewood oops, forgot to @

  6. Posted by thefantasygiver ,

    The short answer is: Yes, absolutely.

  7. Posted by ray_firewood ,

    @thefantasygiver Hey. It is possible to hypnotize fully concious mind?

  8. Posted by thefantasygiver ,

    I'm all about the real hypnosis, but happy to provide suggestions for plausible dirty hypnosis RPs given a general theme

  9. Posted by thefantasygiver ,

    Thanks, @Ray_firewood

  10. Posted by ray_firewood ,

    @thefantasygiver Nice.

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