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I'm looking for a partner or partners for advanced lit American Horror Story rp.

  1. rhiannon •Murder House• A new family moves into the murder house. They're daughter gets involved with either Tate or Violet. Life in murder house before the Langdons killed anybody. •Asylum• Something involving exorcism •Coven• Misty Day x Zoe Benson, romantic. They get close and really bond after they first meet. A general day in the life of the Coven that can be opened up to either cannon or OCs A general being part of the Coven back when Fiona was a teenager •Freak Show• I've got nothing because I disliked this season almost as much as Roanoke. Although I was fond of Dandy and Twisty so if we found a way to formulate a plot around them I might interested •Hotel• Two young ladies move to California in hopes of being stars but find infamy instead when they become involved with serial killer James March. Friendship rp, accomplices to murder. Before he kills himself. In an effort to make one another jealous Elizabeth and Donovan find new mates and turn them. But these unfortunate souls quickly find out they're being used and decide to wreak havoc. James March x OC, "romantic," rp. (But honestly a relationship with him is like a relationship with my Puddin) Crossover: Things happen when the wrong witch gets pissed off while staying at the Cortez Crossover: When the horrors of Murder House are happening Vivien moves herself and Violet into the Cortez Ultimate crossover: It's DEVIL'S NIGHT at the Hotel Cortez and the doors are being opened up to a large number of the undead and supernatural. Any character from any season can be involved. (I really want to do this with a large group.) •Cult• Simple: be the cult. But it would only work with a group. @coolgirl_241 I used to have better ideas and they were all saved but my old phone is dead to me so I don't have those files.

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