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Horror Roleplays

  1. Riddlesquid 🚫The stranger off the internet🚫 In a isolated world where humans are not ever allowed to leave their house and socialization to other humans is strictly forbidden, the only way of communication is through technical devices. Man kind is very much dependent, the government controls everything, and travel can only be possible through the Internet. Real life exists online, where many virtual worlds exist and anything is possible. Muse A desperate to escape their life of isolation and craving to learn more about the outside world, enters the virtual home city of the Internet. But after receiving a message from stranger, the two fall in love and decide to meet up in person...But what the two don't know, could possibly kill them.

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Lab of horrors bio room

  1. hipster_jinx 🐾"Find me where the wild things are!!"🐾 Name: Isabella R. Morte Nickname: Isa, Bella, Bells, Isabel, Baby Girl, Princess, Sin, Angel, etc. Age: 11-18{Depends on the role play} Sign: Scorpio Pet: Panther kitten named Veleno {Italian for Poison.} S/O: Straight Ethnicity: EspaΓ±ol, Italiano. Languages: Spanish, French, , German, Italian, English, Greek, etc. DOB: November 20th Birthplace: Bonn, Germany. Rank: Leader/Queen of the Deadly Children. {2nd Floor} Status: Single. ~Body/Appearance~ Height: 5'7 1/2" Weight: 125lbs Tattoos/Piercings: Both of her ears are fully pierced. Personality: Playful Intelligent Kind Loving Seductive Flirty Daring Mischievous Loyal Brave Bold Sarcastic Fun Funny Artistic Talented Creative Innocent Sadistic Bad ass Short tempered at times Manipulative Rebellious. Vexing Wild Strong Clever Likes: Storms Kicking ass Animals Nature Traveling/Exploring the world Photography Chaos Destruction Having fun Being happy Fashion Music Art Dancing Trying things she's never had/experienced before Teasing Power etc. Dislikes: Rules Death of her loved ones. Showing weakness Taken advantage of Jerks Clingy people Too much dominance Being told what to do at times Feeling sad or upset Lies Betrayal Feeling forced into doing something she doesn't like/want to do. etc. 🏯"La casa sulla Luna"🏯 πŸ‘…"I can taste your skin in my teeth!"πŸ‘… πŸ’€"Baby you're dead to me."πŸ’€ 😸"I only want to do bad things to you."😸 πŸ‘„"Goddamn right you should be scared of me!!"πŸ‘„ πŸ’‰"I'll torture you!"πŸ’‰ Made by: πŸ‘…@Hipster_jinxπŸ‘…

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