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  1. Posted by Kaiske ,

    This was the good old days

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  3. Posted by frio ,

    @loverofall2019 Back. I'm sorry to hear that //

  4. Posted by loverofall2019 ,

    @frio My mum has been sick for awhile||

  5. Posted by frio ,

    @loverofall2019 yo what happened? //

  6. Posted by loverofall2019 ,

    @frio Well... I'd be happy your mom is alive rn because I'm in the hospital with mind rn||

  7. Posted by frio ,

    @loverofall2019 I hate my life rn cuz my mom, being my literal boss at work, wants me to go there early 😩😩😩😭😭 //

  8. Posted by loverofall2019 ,

    @frio I'm here|| Belle smiled as she watched the team, but quickly stole the ball from a teammate. "You have to be on your feet. You can't let a GIRL or a GUY come over here and act like they rule it boys."

  9. Posted by frio ,

    I'm back //

  10. Posted by frio ,

    @kaiske Nah fam we still in it

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