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  1. Posted by nagato221 ,

    Nagato opened his eyes seeing s beautiful shade of blue in the sky. He then smirks and sits up to look at pocket watch "oh its almost Tim's for class i better be leaving now then"

  2. Posted by snapps ,

    by the way...this school is a ghost town

  3. Posted by snapps ,

    @_yumi_ don't be...it's fine I can be a weird and creepy sometime

  4. Posted by _Yumi_ ,

    @mochirie I am sorta of an air head sorry(laughs a little)

  5. Posted by _Yumi_ ,

    @mochirie I am confused (stretches head)

  6. Posted by snapps ,

    @_yumi_ I mean what I said... *widens eyes*

  7. Posted by _Yumi_ ,

    @mochirie Huh what do you mean..lol

  8. Posted by snapps ,

    @_yumi_ I see you...

  9. Posted by schre13 ,

    @mochirie I don't care)

  10. Posted by snapps ,

    @nagato221 would you mind if I join?

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