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    Can i join

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    May i please join the rp??

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    @micheal_ yep....It did sadly.

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    Chat died...

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    May I join c:?))

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    @cronic It's okay, I understand if you make it a little short...

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    Name: Jay Anderson Age: 16 Gender: Male Sexuality: Gay Family: Dad, Brother, Sister Appearance: He's pretty short and average weight for his height. He wears contact to hide the fact that he needs glasses. He can look pretty feminine at times but he tries to embrace it. He gave up trying to tame his hair so usually just ties it up or grips it back. He wears bright clothes and usually stands out in a crowd, whether that's good or bad. Personality: He's a little shy and won't fight back when confronted. He behaves well and can seem like a teachers pet or a goody two shoes. Once someone gets closer to him, he acts very sweet and kind and bubbly and will often be especially silly or do stupid things to make said person laugh. He himself has also been told he has a nice laugh but he doesn't laugh often. However, he doesn't have many friends as many people view him as weird or a nerd. Likes: Video games, strawberries, candy, colours, nature, fantasy. Dislikes: bullies, loneliness, hayfever, elevators, wasps. Turn ons: piercings and tattoos, nice eyes, hickeys, hair pulling. Turn offs: feet. Ew.

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