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    @fairy_lover12 accepted

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    Name: Alex Woods Age: 15 Gender: Female Height: 5'5 Weight: 156lb B-day: December 21, 2002 Sexuality: straight Personality: shy, friendly, smart, funny, and trustworthy Likes: Animals, reading & writing, and climbing trees Dislikes: mean people, liars, and bullies

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    @ray_souls @fairy_lover12 bio and pic needed please

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    Hello can I join

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    Can I join))

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    |Anyways, sorry the inconvenience everyone else. I just needed to say something

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    @galaxy_ashley_16 (Please don't become a waste of time. You messaged me and I gladly responded but when I ask a simple question about why you message me to understand, you go ahead and ignore me. I just pray for anyone else who talks to you won't have to deal something so childish like this.

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    @galaxy_ashley_16 (Curious. Why did you message me only to ignore me? Just wondering because it doesn't even make sense

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    @rebecca20 hi

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