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  1. Posted by stephx ,

    I don’t remember if I did it then, I wouldn’t even know who it would of even been with but oh well

  2. Posted by Amnesia ?,

    @stephx Hm, well I thought it was you, I had the screenshot, but its lost in my iPad.

  3. Posted by stephx ,

    I wouldn’t even do anything questionable now as an adult 😂

  4. Posted by stephx ,

    Um? No I don’t think so lol @simple

  5. Posted by Amnesia ?,

    @stephx I could be wrong, but if I remembered correctly, you did questionable things to a guy in dms.

  6. Posted by stephx ,

    I feel like remember you too @simple

  7. Posted by Amnesia ?,

    @stephx I think I remember you.

  8. Posted by stephx ,

    It was a long ass time ago, so wouldn’t blame anyone for not knowing me lol

  9. Posted by stephx ,

    @simple aimi

  10. Posted by Amnesia ?,


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