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    Anyone here?))

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    @savannasaurusrex ok)

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    ((BRB guys I'm gonna shower

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    Gets dressed getting ready for school and spikes the front of my hair up@oliviaottman1501

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    @leon8299 @dont_care @thickgoddess @hikikomori_shuushi @savannasaurusrex Haven got up and she looked out her window and she put on her outfit for the day she curled her soft blonde hair and put on her usual make up. She finished labeling her school supplies for the year. She thought," my senior year. Just think after this year to my dream college." She smiled and put everything into her bag and she walked downstairs into the kitchen. Her mom tossed her a warm pop tart and her thermos was filled with crystal light and she sipped on it as she ate her pop tart in the car as her mom drove her to school. She gets to school and she looks at her schedule and looked around for her class but she ends up getting completely lost.

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    @savannasaurusrex yah.))

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    ((@oliviaottman1501 @leon8299 @dont_care @thickgoddess @hikikomori_shuushi forgot to tag ppl so you know it's up

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    ((Figured we could start on the first day of a new school year?))

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    Marilie yawned and closed her laptop, it was the first day of her last year of school and she had got o sleep. She stayed up late finishing a college application and some summer work she had been assigned. She got up from her bed and jumped in the shower, it was 6 and she didn't have to be at school until 8. She had time enough to get there early still and watch as all the freshman huddled together in the schoolyard before the doors were opened at 745. She heard her family waking up throughout the house and decided to finish her shower and the other things she needed to do in the bathroom quickly so that she didn't hold the others up.

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    @savannasaurusrex okay go ahead lol))

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