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Basic high school bio room

  1. Syndicate__ ────────────────── ✠BASICS✠ ────────────────── Full Name: Erin Amelia Jameson Nickname(s): EJ Gender: Female Age: 17 Height: 5’ 7” Sexuality: Straight Nationality: Italian ────────────────── ✠DETAILS✠ ────────────────── Languages: -English -French -Italian -Spanish Likes: -Anything risky -Being with friends -Exploring new areas -Meeting new people Hobbies: -Boxing -Drumming Dislikes: -Arrogant people -Clingy people -Dramatic people -Nosey people Habits: -Crossing arms -Rambling Personality: -Adventurous -Friendly -Humorous -Reckless Genetic Issues: -ADHD -Monochromacy

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High school role play

  1. duh_we_lit name Matthew Age 17 S/O straight Gender male Appearance: he has black hair black hat black cloths black yes and big eyes Personality:very shy around girls,buts in to what ur talking Hobbies:drawing,gaming, A owl pet Powers: knowing when someone is in danger can tell the future

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