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    @creations "excuse me are you Clarissa ? I'm Ms akana your principal

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    Clarissa had arrived to the school late, an incident at the Fae castle keeping her occupied. The girl flitted down to the school's steps, a wave of her hand hiding her iridescent wings. Her purple hair framed her face as the shy girl took a deep breath, stepping into the school to find where she was supposed to be.

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    Osiris proceeds to get up out of his seat lazily and head towards the dorms for the monsters. He sighs "man I'm beat".

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    @creations np just post your starter) @source @lenux ok students you are now dismissed

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    I'm here sorry ||

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    Jio sat in his quietly while humming and petting his little friend. "Such a cute little kitten..." He said smiling and putting his friend on his head as he would stand up and stretch a little.

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    @lenux yes) "welcome students monsters and human alike! Ok so a few things to do this year. Humans are not allowed to go into the enchanted woods. And the humans dorm is in the east meadow. Have a great school year and refer to the map on your seat for the classes and dormitorys!" I say flying up smiling

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    That good enough?@alurana ))

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    "Ahh shit, I'm going to be late for the opening ceremony, Late on the first day???...." Osiris said with disappointment in his voice. He was right in front of the assembly hall door thinking "Do I really have to go? ... yes .. yes I do" he entered the assembly hall filled to the brim with people, elves there, faries there but one thing seemed off. There were humans sitting in the chairs.. WITH THE MONSTERS??? Osiris rushed to his assigned seat and sat down quickly to not cause more commotion. One single cold sweat ran down his forehead as he sat. He thought to himself "will I really be accepted in this school..." and then the ceremony started.

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    @lenux @serperior @creations @source THE RP STARTS NOW)

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