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  1. Posted by galaxycat ,

    @cinamon_bun u need a pic then ur in

  2. Posted by cinamon_bun ,

    Hello I would like to join Name: Hoshi Kobayashi Age:15 Talent: plays the violn (wish I could irl) Rhyth game master (that counts as a talent right?)

  3. Posted by galaxycat ,

    @buni달 kk

  4. Posted by deaddeadeaddeaddeaddead ,

    @nicole No I don’t, sorry||

  5. Posted by galaxycat ,

    @buni달 so u know them

  6. Posted by deaddeadeaddeaddeaddead ,

    @nicole Thank lordy ;^^||

  7. Posted by galaxycat ,

    @buni달 I blocked them

  8. Posted by deaddeadeaddeaddeaddead ,

    @ihappy23332 Could you please stop?||

  9. Posted by deaddeadeaddeaddeaddead ,

    Oh shit not again||

  10. Posted by galaxycat ,


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