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  1. Posted by omegaking ,

    I can't tell what's happening on episode 37

  2. Posted by omegaking ,

    Ooooooooh you got a long way ahead bro

  3. Posted by megasonicgeek16 ,

    @magnumツ I was finished watching 15

  4. Posted by omegaking ,

    What episode you on)

  5. Posted by megasonicgeek16 ,

    @magnumツ ohhh. I haven't got that far in the series lol. Now I don't want to be Paradox

  6. Posted by omegaking ,

    No you watch ex aid ok so I'm ex aid Kamen rider paradox fights gemn and ex aid

  7. Posted by megasonicgeek16 ,

    @magnumツ And I have to be part of a team vigilantes?

  8. Posted by omegaking ,

    I mean Kamen rider paradox is like a vigilante

  9. Posted by megasonicgeek16 ,

    @magnumツ oh I can, but I'm confused about the theme of Kamen Rider Paradox

  10. Posted by omegaking ,

    @megasonicgeek16 you can be a team member or not

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