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    @goldiefeesh I see it.))

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    @ward_of_dawn it has one of those smiley characters at the end of the name

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    Those are her costume and her weapon(s)

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    ※quotes※ "The human race is quite odd" "I don't rely on my abilities or on my Trident but my trident is cool"

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    ♡Basics♡ Full name: Kori Mera anders Nicknames: Star(the the English translation of her name) Alias/alter: Aquastar Gender: Female Birthdate: Feb 34th Age: 17-22 Sexuality: pansexual Species: Atlantean,tamaranean Blood type: O-negative Dominant hand: ambidextrous Languages: Tamaranean,english + any language she can aquire Place of birth: tamaran ☆Features☆ Height: 6'1 Weight: 154 Hair color: Black as night Eye color: Carribean blue Skin tone: Tanned with a slight orange tip Scars: one down the back of her leg from training Piercings: belly button outfit: She usually wears short shorts and T-shirts ◇Family◇ Father: Garth (temptest) Mother: Komand'r (blackfire) Siblings: none Pets: a tortoise named starfire ◆peronality◆: Kori's moods are always changing depending on how day is going she is usually seen as happy and what not but if ticked off or upset her usual go to feeling is destruction (not of city property) ●likes●: Kori likes the ocean as well as most earth shows , she has a fondness for doughnuts •Dislikes• ▲△habits△▲: ♤Favorites♤ Color: Blue And gold Animal: she loves them all Food: mushroom pizza Drink: Orange juice Place: Atlantis ◐abilities◑ Expert hand to hand combatant Exceptional swordsmanship Swimming Multilangual †Weapons†: Poseidens trident, kori is in possession of poseidens trident which was given to her by her father, Having command over the earth generating quakes, rock formations and seismic activity, conjure up ice and cold, teleport vast distances using water as a medium and calling down heavy thunder and lightning to strike enemies. This new weapon also transforms from a small sword with an enchanted blade and back into three pronged lancet on command, as well as bracelet ✘Powers✘: ⓧAtlantean physiologyⓧ Amphibious Nature Marine Telepathy Magic Force Beams Mystical Detection Heat Generation Cold Generation Hydrokinesis ⓧTamaranean physiologyⓧ Blue ultraviolet blasts Optic ultraviolet blasts Linguistic Assimilation Energy Absorption FTL Flight Interstellar Travel Superhuman Durability Superhuman Strength Superhuman Speed Prehensile Tongue -Intense Cold & Heat Immunity ※quotes※

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    ♤♤Basics♤♤ Name: Zach Danvers Age: 18 Gender: Male Nationality: British Planet : Krypton Parents : Supergirl & Mon-el Height: 6"1 S/O: Straight Birthday: 26th August Sign: Virgo Weakness: Kryptonite (All types) 😋Appearance😋 Eye colour :Blue Hair colour: Brown//Poofy & Fluffy Body type: Muscular Skin: Tan Powers (Like his mothers): - Flying -Super strength -Can deflect bullets & - Heat vision Personality - Kind - Caring - Flirty - Charming - Intelligent - Stubborn - Helpful - Funny - Short tempered Likes - Nicknames - Big dogs - Horror movies - Outside ( Especially the beach & Woods ) - Sleeping Dislikes: - Getting woken up - People who don't listen - Clowns - Thunderstorms - Liars - Being ignored - Cheaters - Admitting his feelings/emotions

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    кαια ℓαи¢є a̸g̸e̸: 17-20 (depends on rp) h̸e̸i̸g̸h̸t̸: 5'4 w̸e̸i̸g̸h̸t̸: 120 lbs. s̸p̸e̸c̸i̸e̸s̸: superhuman s̸e̸x̸u̸a̸l̸i̸t̸y̸: straight d̸o̸b̸: February 12th n̸a̸t̸i̸o̸n̸a̸l̸i̸t̸y̸: Hawaiian n̸i̸c̸k̸n̸a̸m̸e̸s̸: kai, kk, lua o̸c̸c̸u̸p̸a̸t̸i̸o̸n̸: waitress//black canary ℙℰℛЅᎾℕᎯℒℐᏆᎽ >> Sarcastic >> Sassy >> Naive >> Confident >> Smart >> Funny >> Bookworm >> Stubborn >> Kind >> Helpful >> Curious >> Strong >> Caring >> Outgoing >> Brave >> Loving >> HardWorking >> Creative H͙A͙B͙I͙T͙S͙ > Staring > Rolling eyes > Biting Lip ⓛⓘⓚⓔⓢ: ~ Books ~ Food ~ Family ~ Friends ~ Sports ~ Coffee ~ Art ~ Beaches ~ Dessert ~ Fashion ~ Heroes d̤̈ï̤s̤̈l̤̈ï̤k̤̈ë̤s̤̈ : ~ People interrupting ~ Brats ~ When people talk back ~ Veggies ~ Villains ~ Insects ~ Friends getting hurt ~ Creepy people ~ Failing ~ Homophobes ~ Disrespectful people t̫a̫t̫t̫o̫o̫s̫//p̫i̫e̫r̫c̫i̫n̫g̫s̫: ~ hope written on shoulder ~ Initials on ankle ~ Ear piercings s̤̈k̤̈ï̤l̤̈l̤̈s̤̈: ~ Cooking ~ Art ~ Photography ~ Fashion ~ Martial Arts ⒻⒺⒶⓇⓈ: ~ Failing ~ Losing people she loves ~ Wasps ρσωєяѕ: ~ Skilled Martial Arts ~ Supersonic Scream qυσтєѕ "Being a dick won't make yours any bigger." "Don't stand too close to the fire babe, plastic melts."

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    Name: Kevin Julio West (KJ) Age: 20 Origin: Central City, Earth Alias: Bolt Family: Wally West (Father) Alice Macreek-West (Mother) Abilities: -Superhuman Speed - Vortex -Speed Force lightning (throw) -Phase through thin walls (Currently, not experienced enough to maintain phase status) - (Future) Time travel to fuck up the timeline, again. Weaknesses: -Cold -Slippery Surfaces -Sustained Physical fights Hobbies: Motorbikes Football Hockey Video Games (Formerly) Drinking under age Bio- Born under the name Kevin Julio, KJ lived a peaceful life with all the Flashes around protecting him, having a fond liking towards Kid Flash as he felt he related to him so much. He chose to go by the name KJ since there were so many Kevin's in his class, helping to make himself stand out more as well. As he advanced through life his father was less present than he had normally been, leading to the divorce between his parents. Moving to the slums of Central City was tough, even for a young and charismatic West such as KJ himself. His mother struggled to make ends meet, help every once and a while from his father was nice. He knew his dad cared about them and felt just as much sorrow as they did about how things turned out, it wasn't until later in life he found out why his father was gone so often. At the ripe age of 17 KJ entered into a petty life of crime to help his mother, feeling guilty for her struggles as far as a romance life and a life in general. He began racing motorbikes, getting into fights as well as working for the Mafia every so often. One fareful night, in the middle of a race, KJ was struck with a yellow lightning bolt seemingly coming out of nowhere. As the racers left him behind, believing him to be dead, he wondered how he wasn't. Four months later he emerged from a hospital, his father standing over him with a grave expression. Wally had informed him that his mother caved into the distress, fleeing Central City for a new life. What was also shocking was the revelation of the Speed force, and what exactly his father had been doing all this time. After having trained with Wally West, Kevin Julio West now felt more prepared to defend his home city, placing the burdens of those around him on his shoulders to hide the guilt he felt of his mother.

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    Name: Thomas Wayne Age: 23 Alias: Batman Parents: Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle Height: 6’5 Weight: 189 lbs Skills: Expert gymnast/martial artist/detective, very skilled in stealth, master engineer/technician/hacker, Quad-lingual (English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish), genius level intellect Personality: Thomas is eager to prove himself to his father, to truly show that he is a worthy successor of his father. Yet at the same time he doesn't want to be the exact same, he isn't broody and angry all the time. Yet he is serious when on the job, he knows how batman needs to be. A big part of him as batman is truly his gadgets, he's always experimenting with new tools to help him in the field. Improving them and reworking them. Because if he isn't equipped with the best gear, then he can't always do his best. Since he's also not as stealthy or covert as his father, he uses his gadgets to map out and plan for how he acts. Making sure he does r go in blind. Bio: Being the son of two of Gotham's most infamous denizens, he was quite the child. He had the best teaching, primarily from his father. Bruce taught him about humility, and how to be the best man you can be. To help those that are need, which isn't always by being a vigilante. As he grew up he received intense physical and mental training from both parents. He wasn't forced into this either, he wanted it. He wished to be trained an pushed to his limits. And he was. The training was painful and grueling, he had bruises and aches all over his body. Thankfully he was homeschooled. As he got older the training only got more difficult. But he excelled. To further his training he began to work with his father in the field as robin around the age of 10, understanding what it was actually like to be a vigilante. This went on for around 8 years. By then he was ready, his father began to teach him what it meant to be batman. What he really needed. It took another year before he finally was ready for the cowl. Since then, he's learned the ways of Gotham. Truly learned through trial by fire. He had to upgrade his tech, add onto his suit, fix himself up nightly. His body and mind changed, he still wanted to do good by Gotham, but he understood now how the city was. His father had spilt plenty of blood in his days. And Thomas knew he would have to spill just as much if he was to be the Dark Knight.

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    First name: Eazim Middle name: none Last name; Freeman Alias: Icon Nickname; None Height; 6'4 Weight: 198 Body type: Kinda muscular but mostly slim Blood type: Ab- Hair color: brown Hair style: Short Skin tone: Dark Eye color: Deep brown Date of birth: December 11th Age: 19 Birth marks; none Freckles: None Dimples: yes Tattoos: none Scars: none Species: Human/terminan Hybrid Family: Father: Augustus freeman Mother: unknown woman Personality traits: Cunning Clever Kind Prideful Fun loving Bold Funny Likes: Sleeping Eating His abilities Sports Science Video games Dislikes: Waking up to early Lots of people around him Waking up to early Death Abilities/powers Super strength Super speed Super durability Flight Positron manipulation No need for air Super stamina Weakness Since he's half human he needs Food Water Theme: " Rockstar" Post Malone )

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