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  1. Posted by aisuru ,

    @glossㅅ agreed *^*

  2. Posted by xkmjohnson_gam30v3r xkmjohnson_gam30v3r,

    thank you loves.

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  5. Posted by glossㅅ ,

    Disingenuous for mod, 2018

  6. Posted by xkmjohnson_gam30v3r xkmjohnson_gam30v3r,

    that is false. the memory being low or the wifi not being strong has nothing to do with the app crashing over and over again. I know why it’s doing it, so please don’t tell people false information. | @lilly_lovekinks

  7. Posted by glossㅅ ,

    @ryan_reynolds_ what's up?

  8. Posted by candy_dildo ,

    I need help

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  10. Posted by Lilly_lovekinks ,

    Like you sent a message in pm and then some say they got read and the other don't?

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