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  1. Posted by spaz93 ,

    @vermille it's fine

  2. Posted by dattenkarmen ,

    Excuse me, I reported someone on accident, is it possible let to undo it and/or invalidate it?

  3. Posted by blu ,

    @luna_kriv Steve or shiroo

  4. Posted by Luna_kriv K,

    Any mods online i belive there to be a user exploiting minors

  5. Posted by goddessriamh ,

    @false_kazerad Dm him or orpheus Shiroo

  6. Posted by the_old_bartender ,

    @steve Steve I need halp

  7. Posted by sped ,

    ^ it's a shit system

  8. Posted by spaz93 ,


  9. Posted by spaz93 ,

    @contort use tags??

  10. Posted by Divine lampshade_gam30v3r_71,

    @contort well that's just tough

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