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  1. Posted by irishrogue ,


  2. Posted by Valorous ,

    @irishrogue DM me the screenshots

  3. Posted by irishrogue ,

    @valorous I’m an admin in the flirt chat. We had a user break the AA rules. They were warned multiple times. Once I banned him, he proceeded to DM me and harass me. I took screen grabs and flagged him as inappropriate.

  4. Posted by gudelui ,

    @valorous Good evening

  5. Posted by gudelui ,

    @irishrogue @enigmatic We found one.

  6. Posted by Valorous ,

    @gudelui Hi, my names Active.

  7. Posted by inkheart theblackcat1994_gam30v3r,

    Side chat to a minimum, please.

  8. Posted by gudelui ,

    @irishrogue We'll see after we find an active mod @irishrogue @enigmatic

  9. Posted by irishrogue ,

    -shrugs- guess I’ll take it as a compliment if he puts in that much effort.

  10. Posted by gudelui ,

    Oh god that would be a nightmare.

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