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  1. Posted by loyalygaming ,

    How do I give someone admin on my own chat?

  2. Posted by ewe ,

    sorry sorry. @unstoppable

  3. Posted by xkmjohnson_gam30v3r xkmjohnson_gam30v3r,

    @ewe || Please don’t post screen shots in here. Send them to my DM’s.

  4. Posted by ewe ,

    @Unstoppable @Shiroo @Valorous

  5. Posted by psychopxthicッ ,


  6. Posted by xkmjohnson_gam30v3r xkmjohnson_gam30v3r,

    @valorous || Why u have such a difficult name valourous?

  7. Posted by beach_babe16 ,

    @valorous can you help someones threating to hack me just because I didnt do what they wanted

  8. Posted by beach_babe16 ,

    Thanks @knight @regarding彡you thank you so much

  9. Posted by Valorous ,


  10. Posted by scout_5 ,

    @beach_babe16 a moderator aka @valorous @shiroo or @unstoppable great duders

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