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  1. Posted by Skwidloxe惄 ,

    @deathclaw I have the first two: Automatron and Wasteland Workshop

  2. Posted by Skwidloxe惄 ,

    I shit you not, that's a mod.

  3. Posted by jotaro_19 ,

    I don't have any of the dlc

  4. Posted by Skwidloxe惄 ,

    @deathclaw I need to buy far harbor so I can try Drunken Gnomes: GnomePocalypse

  5. Posted by jotaro_19 ,

    Gojira is a huge Deathclaw with retarded stats

  6. Posted by Skwidloxe惄 ,

    @deathclaw never tried that.

  7. Posted by jotaro_19 ,

    The Deathclaw

  8. Posted by jotaro_19 ,

    @anthrax_mocha I like The one with Gojira

  9. Posted by Skwidloxe惄 ,

    @deathclaw especially the Alienware Pip-Boy, everyone's best friend, and AnyModAnyWeapon

  10. Posted by jotaro_19 ,

    @anthrax_mocha ikr

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