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  1. Posted by valkyriewolf ,

    @funn If you don’t say what with you won’t get any help.

  2. Posted by whodissgirl ,

    With what?

  3. Posted by lesbiann ,

    @whodissgirl help me

  4. Posted by whodissgirl ,

    Need any help just ask ~whodissgirl♡

  5. Posted by savpie ,

    @valorous oh hello! I appreciate you, and my other mods too! Working on a couple cool things for my geeks this week!

  6. Posted by Valorous ,

    @savpiemarson Hi, I like appreciate you, have a good day. 👏🏻☺️

  7. Posted by savpie ,

    @jastrange you can hit the Ignore button on users like that. If they get reported/silenced a certain number of times it results in permanent ban.

  8. Posted by hobi ,


  9. Posted by jastrange ,

    I reported a guy for sending me a d pic this morning and he only got temporarily silenced...ngl i was disapppointed..

  10. Posted by hobi ,

    Ight I dm’d shiroo

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