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  1. Posted by PopPunkSquared juliaaa_pajor_gam30v3r,

    @musicbean thank youuu! That's most of my social media right there tbh //

  2. Posted by musicbean ,

    God my grammar is awful when typing one handed. No i play 4. Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, and Uke. All majority melody instruments. Also, your name is graet @poppunksquared

  3. Posted by zugger H,

    The owner made the roles, if you don't like it then make another))

  4. Posted by zugger H,

    Holy crap I play drumset irl but I'm being the singer because that's one of the male roles))

  5. Posted by PopPunkSquared juliaaa_pajor_gam30v3r,

    Awh that's actually pretty sad man. Do you play one instrument only? @musicbean //

  6. Posted by musicbean ,

    @poppunksquared Doesnt change the fact that my knowlege is in Guitar. as well as the fact that guitar is fairly melodical, while Bass is generally a rythum instrument. it helps keep the time. Just a different musical style and playing style. ive attempted bass irl. i suck, because i suck as rythum instruments like drums.

  7. Posted by PopPunkSquared juliaaa_pajor_gam30v3r,

    Bass is a lot easier than a guitar though? //

  8. Posted by zugger H,

    Yo my bad had irl stuff to do))

  9. Posted by musicbean ,


  10. Posted by musicbean ,

    I'm sorry. I'm a guitarist irl. So thats why I rp them,i dont play bass, so i don't build characters off of bass.

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