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    [orange] Lilah began to make her way around town again, her hand fiddling with the bracelet. She glanced around, trying to decide what to do next.

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    [Fading Orange] Ergon turns to the house again and opens the door, walking in and moving around the house, preparing dinner.

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    @heeeeeyden [Orange] He smiles at her "Sure thing. See ya."

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    @ergon [orange] “Good,” She said and began to back away, a big grin on her face. “See ya around!”

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    @heeeeeyden [Orange] He nods "Count on it."

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    @ergon [Orange] “Good!” She said, “then, I’ll be seeing you soon?”

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    @heeeeeyden [Orange] He laughs "Well, I can't wait!" He picks up his bag of stuff and puts it inside the door again

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    @ergon [Orange] “Pretty simple to make!” She stated. “I will make the best muffin you will ever eat!”

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    @heeeeeyden [Orange] "Hmm.... I have to say a good muffin probably. I'm not a very fancy guy."

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    @ergon [Orange] “Good!” She replied, “now what’s your favourite pastry?”

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