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  1. Posted by the_mad_queen_2343 ,

    Hello, I am looking for a Harry Potter Detailed RP! I am hoping for a Draco Malfoy × My Oc. (I also double up)

  2. Posted by sh00k ,


  3. Posted by KattVanity ,

    Hello all, is anyone up for a Harry Potter rp? I have some ideas Hoping for someone to play Snape. I’m all for 18+please no txt talk or 1 liners.

  4. Posted by theladyjester ,

    Anyone as long as you play snape

  5. Posted by luckycharm ,

    And the other character? Canon? Oc? I’m tempted👀

  6. Posted by romulus ,

    Lmaooo i am

  7. Posted by luckycharm ,

    But the question is, who is playing senpai snape? 👀

  8. Posted by ReySwolo ,

    @theladyjester_77 there isn't, I've been looking, too

  9. Posted by theladyjester ,

    Any takers?

  10. Posted by theladyjester ,

    Guys I’m looking for someone to be Severus Snape in a dirty rp

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