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  1. Posted by Forvelei_loves_ron ,

    @rosieposie I will

  2. Posted by rosieposie ,

    Any one interested in doing an Ocxcanon roleplay? DM me if your interested. I also do doubles if your into that.

  3. Posted by knoxsah ,


  4. Posted by Wut_a_shame ,

    @arielharding yay!

  5. Posted by Forvelei_loves_ron ,

    @midnightsmite meeee

  6. Posted by Wut_a_shame ,

    Hi! Does anyone want to do a roleplay? ><

  7. Posted by Forvelei_loves_ron ,

    @cold_af thankss

  8. Posted by isaac ,

    @arielharding Are you going to get it real when you're older though?

  9. Posted by kaitybugg101 ,

    Daaaaaaamn thats cool!!

  10. Posted by knoxsah ,

    @arielharding lol

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