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Next Generation Harry Potter RP BIO ROOM

  1. Sugarbaby ❥First Name: Ava ❥Middle Name: Uma ❥Last Name: Noir ❥Nickname: Dolly ❥Titles: Noir Doll ❥Blood Status: Pure ❥Age: 16 ❥D.O.B: ‪August 1st ❥P.O.B: unknown ❥Zodiac: Leo ❥Gender: Female ❥Species: Human a bit of Veela in her blood as well ❥Nationality: Afro-French ❥Languages Spoken: French, English, a bit of Korean, and trying to learn parseltongue ❥Skin Description: Dark chocolate skin, it is soft and flawless due to all of the muggle skin care products she likes to use. ❥Hair Description: Long and curly, so dark it seems black but in the light it has a nice chocolate shine to it. ❥Eye Description: Large dark chocolate eyes surrounded by thick eyelashes, they don't seem that book due to the girl always keeping them half closed. ❥Height: Bare 5'0 ❥Weight: 123lbs ❥Scars: None ❥Marks: None ❥Piercings: None ❥Tattoos: None ❥Personality: Ava is known to be helpful and friendly, she's very sensitive and will most likely burst into tears at the sound of screaming. She's also fake. If she wants something she'll act a certain way to get it, it's very hard to know if she's playing with your emotions or being sincere at times. If the right person were to come along she'd be surprisingly submissive but that probably won't happen. ❥Backstory: Unknown. She'll tell those who she becomes close to if they ask. ❥Likes: Flowers, Macarons, Singing, Children, Candy, Being picked up, Rain ❥Dislikes: Thunder, Loud noises, Being scared ❥Hobbies: Baking, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Broom riding ❥Talents: Can do quite a lot of tricks on her broom ❥Dressing Style: She prefers skater skirts, pleated skirts, or any skirt with an extra puff to it. She's somewhat in the lolita category when it comes to her fashion. Strapless crop tops, combat boots, rain boots, large bows, tutus ❥School: Hogwarts ❥House: Slytherin ❥Year: 6th ❥Favorite Class: Potions ❥Least Favorite Class: Muggle Studies ❥Patronous: Jellyfish ❥Boggart: Some weird collage of a lot of horror movie/game characters  ❥Abilities -Metamorphmagus ❥Wand: -Length: 15' -Wood: Acacia -Core: Unknown -Color: Pastel Pink ❥Broomstick: Unknown ( she has one) ❥Father: Louis Noir ❥Mother: Maya Noir ❥Siblings: None ❥Friends: None at the moment  ❥Love Interests: None ❥Enemies: none at the moment ❥Loyalty: Hogwarts, slytherin, Beauxbatons ❥Food: Spaghetti ❥Drink: Butterbeer and Firewhisky ❥Candy: Caramel Cobwebs ❥Season: Summer ❥Color: Pastel Pink ❥Time of Day: Night ❥Flower: Atropa Belladonna ❥Movie: None ❥Book: The Odyssey 

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