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  1. Posted by OperatorGrim ,

    @cyrusxi welcome back)

  2. Posted by cyrusxi ,

    @gamefool22 @reclaimer okay im back after a long time of fucking chaos lmao))

  3. Posted by OperatorGrim ,

    John drove off, switching through radio signals to look for more survivors

  4. Posted by OperatorGrim ,

    @gamefool22 alright)

  5. Posted by gamefool22 ,

    (I know. Firth is sitting on the back due to the wounded in the passenger seat.)

  6. Posted by OperatorGrim ,

    @gamefool22 Cyrus is on the turret)

  7. Posted by gamefool22 ,

    Firth climbed onto the back, sitting down to the right of the turret

  8. Posted by OperatorGrim ,

    John got in the Hog "Get in."

  9. Posted by gamefool22 ,

    "No, I haven't"

  10. Posted by OperatorGrim ,

    "Then let's get moving, have you seen any survivors or supply caches?"

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