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    There have been many times in PR’s life that she fucked up. There was a time when her mother was sick and PR went out to buy medicine only to find out she bought the wrong kind and she had spent her last money. Then there were the many times she fought with her brother—she herself instigated and now she may have lost him forever. She had screwed up over and over. Leaving the shrine at Hell’s Teeth. Leaving Aiko back in Alusium without a word. Right now was one of those times. She shouldn’t have thrown the nitrogen.. The gunshot pierced the air and the small explosion of the jug sent foggy clear liquid into the air. It would cover ten feet in diameter over the three of them. PR’s eyes widened; body already moving as she met Aikos eyes and grasped her wrist. She yanked the female down hard before dropping to all fours... Then the pain hit. PR could hear the hissing of the liquid on her clothes before the lancing pain froze down to her skin. Her cheek, right arm, back and legs were hit with it. It’s large expansion ratio made from its contact with oxygen made the quarter sized wounds grow half its size. It had began to solidify into ice that appeared more like glass. It caused her skin to become brittle. Strangely, the pain felt white hot more than cold. Not many fabrics can keep the chill of liquid nitrogen from ones skin. A gas mask could.. depending on what it’s made out of. Silicone or enforced rubber could protect him, but clothing not so much. PR gasped and inhaled deeply before looking down at Aiko who was laying on her back beneath PR. “Pride.. what the hell..” she shook her head. PR smiled a little weakly. “Guess I didn’t really think that through..sorry Aik.” She said before wincing at the pain in her cheek. Her skin turned a strange hue of purple. She swayed a little on her hands and Aiko scrambles our from beneath her to catch PR as she began to tilt. Prides blade was still in her grasp; identical to the one 2D held. “How about you take a breather mate.” She said as she took the blade from PR and hooked her arms beneath her pit to drag her to a standing crate. She leaned her against it and looked to the masked man. “Oi, you’ve done enough. You accomplished what you needed here right? Leave. What else could you want...?”

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    “I’ll even let you take pictures of the bar, and take it back to whoever you work for, but if you manage to make me mad in a obvious way, if you pull that trigger and try to run away from me, I will find you and slaughter you. I’ll make you suffer to the fullest extent because you know the fire you’re playing with. You said my name, so I know you know the exact person your dealing with.” He had a stoic gaze looking at the male’s face. He was an asshole, but an extremely calm asshole, because again, he was numb. So numb that the few things to enrage him was family. The only weakness he had was family. But he was fully serious and ready to snatch the male’s body off his head and walk around with it on display. [end]

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    It was overall with what 2D’s life consisted of from a boy to a man, getting threatened because he was simply alive, he was numb to it. It was a sad thing really. But if anyone would know anything about him, he was defiant in the face of despair. Looking back at the fat fuck who he brutally assaulted earlier, then back at the male holding his brother “guess you didn’t need that piece of shit huh?” As he would sit the blade to rest across his back. 2D didn’t really move, not suddenly anyway. He noticed his last name was said before anything else, he felt like he needed to know why they were targeted, they had to have a long wait period. Because they just got back to the city today and there is no direct timing for when they get back to the city. They were in New Artimus for a long period of time because they live out there, these men were smart because they would have gotten slaughtered in the village by someone under 2D. “If you know who I am then you’ll know that having that gun to his head is suicidal to you, I’ll be honest with you, if I lose my friend then I can’t be held accountable for what happens to you, and whoever you answer to. It’ll be better for you to lie and leave the situation as it went wrong, I’ll even let you take your friend who is brain dead behind me, with half his face rotting for evidence.” Because if the male knew that Macy’s life was a lot to him, why would you poke at that monster. [con]

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    So the big guy was out the way, come to think of it, 2D was in the mindset of only fucking him up. As soon as Trey saw him attack Simon, this male had sealed his fate, but it was over at this point, the biggest male in the room was at an utter defeat. The phrase that he was going to kill him played in his head. There’s been countless people to say that, but as you would be able to see, none of them were exactly able follow through with their plans. Oh well. But when 2D heard another voice come through, that’s the moment where he felt annoyed. He would simply turn around and see that… Simon was pinned down with a gun to his head. Trey wasn’t always protecting his friend but he was always protective of his friend however, so seeing him take so much damage in little time, compared to no damage that 2D virtually took, he would take wonder to see what was going on. He would need to think clearly obviously, his friends life was in the balance, but he had a family like of being assholes to the public when mad. Looking the male in his black shades, then he would… smirk slightly, then drop. “It’s like your type to threaten me like that.” [con]

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    Thus his target had begun to move and so did his positioning and tracking on the crescent shaped movement she had undergone to, what appears to be, flanking him. He had realigned his magnum now to take her head clean off, but before he was to release his shot, he’d redirect the barrel the sound of the shattering glass that came from the window of the bar. The named person seemed to have rolled into scene. He wasn’t goin hate, he awed the sight of her dramatic entrance. Watching her roll to a stop and recoup with the other, he suddenly found himself outnumbered. It was quite troubling but it would seem her entrance was favor more so him than them. He never took his eye of her, the woman with the dreads, in her hands was a gallon of liquid, it didn’t look like water that was for sure. “So you ARE Alive,” “Sorry for not-“ she paused to the toss the bottle at the man holding a gun. Yeah, that wasn’t smart. It was high noon and the hammer had fanned. Accuracy Highly Efficient. “I don’t have to explain what’s gonna happen next cause you already know.” -God Triggon ——————————————————— Edge of Wasteland, Mad World "Boy!" The boy would stop with his hand gripping the knob, he'd look back over his shoulder and rest his attention on Dante, seeing the old man downing the water with the dissolvable pills looking the other way. "... dust those knuckles,” for a moment, although his tone was sullen and a bit quiet, Dante had sounded like his old self. "Sure, dad." With his free hand Charlie would pull his scarf back over his nose and mouth, and then the black googles back over his eyes as he turned the knob and stepped back out into the heat of desert wasteland on what felt like the edge of the world. Certainly a long way from Halcyon. | 5 end |

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    “That would definitely work on that fat fucker,” the shorter man muttered to himself at the provoking comment of the girl, for her to assume he would succumb to such a weak bait already assured him she was nothing to worry about. Soon they would be leaving Halcyon, with the job done or not, and he felt he didn’t kill her soon enough the tall bastard would have something smart to say, and the last thing he wanted to hear was his mouth. In the next instant he would her the woman shout to someone in the bar, she obviously wasn’t aware of the situation at hand due to the name she had yelled for, so that was something less to worry about. He could now kill her and her friend, easy paper trail to clean. That’s when she’d make her move. The ashes had come flying from the fire, faster than the shorter man could react, but why would he? The gas mask would protect his eyes from whatever the burning ashes brought by her needles would do. Was her attempt to blind him? Diversion maybe? Didn’t matter, they settled and began to burn the black leather material the coat was made from. He didn’t worry if they would catch spark, but it seemed losing his train of thought from the fight had left him open for her following up. Rolling out to her left and throwing two needles toward as piercing speeds. But he had only saw the one, heading for his mask he would shift his head, neck, and shoulders over to dodge the oncoming strike to his face. The sound of his black pants being ripped through would be the thing that caught his attention, looking down he would then realize their was a second needle she shot at his groin. The blood began to stain the black pant but held firm thanks to the embedded needle. Fine. He couldn’t feel it anyway. | 4 |

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    The taller man would continue to speak as he gave 2D sometime to comprehend the current situation. “In this moment,” his high tone was kind of irritating to say the least, “you and I share a common interest.” Upon ending his sentence he would grind the weapon into Simon’s head more causing him to grunt in pain, “We both share a value for the life of Mr. Love here.” Simon’s ear perked up as he tried to glance up and get a look at the man but all he could see was the rim of his black glasses pushed up on his face hiding his eyes. He knew his name and that wasn’t good, but how did he know 2D? The taller man would continue, “But there is a difference in our value for him ,” he would shift his head to see Simon, “wherein your value for him lies solely with his life,” he would shift it back to 2D, “wherein my value for him would remain, even in his death.” Simon didn’t move anymore, he had to reason to struggle for he knew why these men had shown their faces. If he hadn’t been with 2D things would be totally different, but he also knew if he wasn’t their, that’d be the end. The last thing he wanted was to get his friend involved in things he had been certain to have left behind, but being by his side at all times was his safest bet. It appeared there were people who didn’t care to play by the rules anymore. At this point, Simon would leave the rest up to his friend because in the truth of the situation, he’d rather the man pull the trigger. | 3 |

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    “‘I’m gonna kill you one day,’” wasn’t a statement he said lightly, although he wasn’t confident him his survival he surely didn’t doubt it. But not once did he think he was a in a position of defeat. He didn’t care for winning the simple battle of the here and now, his ambitions that clawed into the heart of sadism and utter despair wouldn’t satisfy with a simple offering of the soul, victory was in claiming it all. To kill him, is to render him of existence. This mindset belonged to him that sought to when the war and not the battle. But all of this would mean nothing if he were to die today. In this position he would still be at the will of his opponent. 2D, bringing the blade to what would now be his face. “Mr. Kazume,” A high pitched tone would ring through the settling smoke of the bar, “I think you know good and well ‘we’ didn’t come to attack this bar.” The taller man in the all black had more than made his way into the bar, he had as well acquired a hostage. The thud that’s smacked the ground solely wasn’t the sound of the detached pulse cannon, but it was timed with the sound of Simon’s face being planted, left jaw first, into the wooden floor of the bar. The knee of the taller man would be driving uncomfortably into the center of Simon’s back keeping him held into the ground. With his left hand, by gripping Macy’s wrist, twisting, and pulling upward with the knee in the back, he had once again pulled Simon’s right arm out of socket and was holding it still out stretched to maintain the position. Due to his tall and lanky figure he was also able to continue the downward, pressure from the hi-tech pistol in his right hand, into the back of Simon’s head. Simon could feel the small pinch of the currents that shocked his scalp every few seconds creep forward from the small boxes mouth of the weapon. It was more than ready to fire, but all Simon could think about was his inability to dodge his opponent. At the last second he saw the tall man emerge into the bar from outside as tried to put out the fire at the doors, he came at him with the clear intention to suppress him. But Simon could read his moves clear, even with his body in this condition he was more than capable of avoiding a charge or two. But the speed he moved at was, possibly in comprehensible. But it didn’t matter, Simon Macy had goofed, again, and in turn here is where they were. | 2 |

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    It was clear that this wasn’t going to be a victory, although insane, he too can admit when a plan had gone awry. His mistake was when he decided to blow the front doors off the hinges, and more. He couldn’t account for the fires caused by his pulse cannon, nor his enemy using the smoke to mask himself, he certainly wasn’t a man who thought everything through. Nonetheless, not even this boy could understand his sadistic ambitions, the same ones that had carried him this far. When the child had attacked him off guard with such speed, it had put him in both a position to be on the defensive and be open to any attack he may throw at him. That’s what had brought about his counter move once he be locked into arm bar, in that moment he had decided that victory wasn’t possible, today. It was simple to figure that the initial motive of the third shot wasn’t to clean shatter off his enemy’s face, but to signal his colleagues that the jig was up. Fucking up the kids face would’ve been the ideal bonus, but all that mattered at that point was to get the shot off and await the escort. Until then, stay alive. Easier said than done of course, where he winded up wasn’t exactly ideal, but he was still alive. There was no possible way he could dodge the kids last attacks, he was far to fast for him, especially now, he still wasn’t alright in the head or body. Getting up and using the cannon to protect him for the slash before had exhausted his already dying brain. The right side of his face was numb, and although he knew his hair fell downward in front of his right eye, he couldn’t see it. It did look quite bleak, but through it all he bore that sick drooling grin. When he had his right knee cut through his balance had began to cave, he wasn’t going to be able to stand anymore. But he wouldn’t give the man the satisfaction of watching him fall. With his left leg, he would first drop to a knee before he could collapse over. Standing he couldn’t hold his weight, not with the loss of function in his right knee. But dropping to the left knee first shifted the support of his body going from his legs to his waist and thighs, from there he could use the strength he had in his legs and core to support himself to remain upward as the boy would plant himself to strike from the ground up with final strike. Which in turned removed the pulse cannon arm entirely. His entire right side was pretty much finished, losing the pulse cannon removed the weight of it as well, a loud thud smacking the surface of the floor could be heard amongst all the commotion. But he wouldn’t drop, he was still strong enough to maintain his now somewhat lighter figure with sheer strength of his core and waist. As the effects settled he would slowly lean back, ripping more into the wound on his right knee, and rest weight on his heels. He was sat as though it was time for him to drop his head on the rest of the guillotine, at the mercy of his opponent. But the sick smile still remained, surely enough. | 1 |

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    [Aiko] ‘I hate guns..’ Aiko thought. ‘So tasteless..’ gazing between the tall female and the pudgy man, Aiko was stuck in a hard place. The flames from the bar seemed to burn into her back at this distance. And on top of that, these two didn’t give her any answers. They were all talk. Aiko gritted her Teeth in thought as the female moved forward to the bar. The male however.. kept his weapon on her. He was no more than ten feet from her, maybe less. “Taking orders from her hm. She must be the brains and you’re just the dumb muscle.” She attempted to get a rise. Gazing out of her peripheral, she sighed. “OI, PRIDE...” she yelled out. “IF YOURE IN THERE, YOU GOT SOME COMPANY!” Her eyes then shifted to the male. Aiko spun, extending her hands out to the burning wood and drawing her needles through it to sling hot ash into the air and towards the man. Her body suit would protect her from the worst of it. Rolling to The left, she threw the two needles out; one aiming for his mask and the other to his groin. Two more needles took their place in her palm as she rolled to her feet and began running in a rainbow fashion around the male.... [PR] Pride was impressed with how the ghetto nitrogen worked so well. But she wouldn’t rejoice just yet. Standing on the bar with one jug still in her hand, a voice pierced the air. A female—and familiar. Looking to the busted window to the right of the doorway, PR could see individuals outside... Aiko stood outside with her back to the window of the bar. Her dark hair could be seen and her hands bared two needles weapons. She was facing a threat. “Simon I’m gonna have to leave the rest of the fire to you.” PR hopped off the bar with one of the nitrogen jugs and booked it to the window. Crossing her hands across her face, PR dove through the half broken glass and hit the hard ground outside. Rolling through the glass, PR stopped in a crouch. Quickly she looked between Aiko and... a little man in a gas mask dressed in black. People here just get weirder and weirder looking. “So you ARE alive.” Aiko says quickly. PR smiled. “Sorry for not-“ PR paused to toss the nitrogen at the male. “..calling back..” If it were to land on him, it would bust spewing liquid nitrogen on the male. Once Intaking oxygen, it would freeze -346 F.... [end]

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