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  1. Posted by subroleplayer ,

    Thank you ^3^))

  2. Posted by leknightohonor ,

    @trixi_farrelia I didn't plan on doing it again, but alright. ))

  3. Posted by subroleplayer ,

    @uberofficer people are just super busy in their lives. Doesn't change the fact that advertising in someone else's chat is just a little bit rude. No apology needed, just please don't do it again :) it would be much appreciated.))

  4. Posted by leknightohonor ,

    @trixi_farrelia That was ten hours ago, chat seemed really inactive so terribly sorry. ))

  5. Posted by subroleplayer ,

    @uberofficer please refrain from advertising other chats here))

  6. Posted by leknightohonor ,

    Sweet, just look up Warsaw Training Camp. ))

  7. Posted by simysam ,

    @uberofficer ((i'll join))

  8. Posted by leknightohonor ,

    Anyone care to Join Warsaw Training Camp, Cadets needed. ))

  9. Posted by simysam ,

    May i join))

  10. Posted by ravey_babey N,

    if anyone is on im free 😊))

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