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    Both approved 😊

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    [GENERAL] FULL NAME: Kiji Kush ALIASE: Kiji AGE: 18 HEIGHT: 5'11" SEXUALITY: bi NATIONALITY: Korean FAMILY: Father: Kim Jung-Yeol [PHYSICAL APPEARANCE] He was born with black hair. Kiji is covered in tattoos everywhere, barely any normal skin. [PERSONALITY] He is rude and unwelcoming when you first meet him due to him being shy but after a few weeks he is the sweetest person you could ever meet. Kiji is over protective of the people who he considers his friends so if he's around his friends and you're being mean, he will fucking beat your ass [HISTORY] He is a Smartass. He can deduct your life story just by looking at you. If you have a smoking problem, he can tell. If a family member died alone, he can tell. He is Sherlock Holmes but less British and more Japanese. You can count on Kiji to help out with finding out someone's life story by looking at them, easily, in less then five seconds. He is the Prince of Japan and hates getting up, especially when his sister is awakening him. In short, he LOVES to sleep

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    This is her backstory))

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    Full name: Reggie Umi Yunika Sakura Nakamura Nicknames: Reggie, Regg, Umi, Yuni, Sakura, Naka, Yumi, Saki Age: 17 Persona: - Shy, she is a cute, innocent and kind being but is shy towards others besides @adryannarose - Deceitful, usually she can come off misleading, because on the outiside she is like a innocent and cute girl, on the inside, she’s a asthetic and kpop and kawaii loving crazy freak who’s a prankster, and no-one expects her to do such thing’s as pranking because like I said, she’s innocent ;) - Smart, she is a advanced student who had a perfect record in Elementary, Middle school and is now going to Angel’s school (is this a high school or college? XD) Likes: - Kpop, BTS or GOT7 or BLACKPINK - Kawaii stuff, Plushies... plushies all the way - Technology, by that.. I mean her laptop and phone - Being outside, she likes to sit on branches of tree’s or sitting under a sakura tree - Writing music, she writes songs and plays her songs and records video’s as well - Playing piano, Viola and Saxophone, mostly the Viola and Saxophone... - Taking photos, of asthetic landscapes or flowers - Dancing, mostly learning all the moves in her favorite kpop bands and copies the moves perfectly - listening to music, kpop.... or lofi Dislikes: - people disrespecting her family or friends - when people interupt - people who are nuisance’s Extra’s: She is 5’8 Her body type is slim has bangs and long black hair Usually wears expensive clothing or casual stuff Back story: (Inside the picture I will show after)

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    Okie dokie! You’re welcome 😊 and you also need a picture bestie

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    That’s just my backstory so lemme do the other stuff then, thank you^^

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    Name: Nicknames: Age: Gender: Appearance: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Family (brief): Born: Backstory:

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    Okay I’ll give you a template

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