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  2. Posted by vorelover000 ,

    Does anyone want to Rp with me Iā€™m bored Iā€™m a prey if you do please pm

  3. Posted by Squirrel ,

    Challenge acepted! Challenge excepted!!!!!

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  5. Posted by Squirrel ,

    @patrick13 Me me

  6. Posted by patrick13 ,

    Anyone want to try taming a giant boy pet?! šŸ˜‹ hopefully you have the skills to avoid becoming my snack šŸ˜ˆ see ya in my belly! šŸ˜‚

  7. Posted by VonHedon ,

    Hey. Anyone interested in rp? (Prey here)

  8. Posted by lpc ,

    Need advanced lit partners. Pred or prey. Prefer same size. Any vore type. Dm me to set something up! No limits.

  9. Posted by patrick13 ,

    Anyone looking for a Male to roleplay with šŸ˜ usually I do 5+ lines, DM if you want, maybe we could make a few plots together šŸ˜œ see ya in my belly!

  10. Posted by legacy109_ ,

    Dm to be eaten :3

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